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American Revolutionary War-Chapter 5-Lesson 1-5

What caused a great debt to the British treasury due to a major battle with the French forces in North America? The French and Indian War
What three new taxes were imposed on American colonists from Great Britain? Stamp Act, Tea Act, & Sugar Act
Who was the Virginian lawyer tried to talk to the British parliament about repealing their taxes on the colonies? Patrick Henry
What colonial group was against many British taxes and used violence to stop tax collectors? The Sons of Liberty
Who were 2 major colonial leaders spoke out against the Townshend Acts and received help from the “Sons of Liberty” for their boycotts? Samuel Adams & James Otis
In Newport, Rhode Island, what other group was developed to help in going against British government taxes imposed on colonists? The Daughters of Liberty
On the night of March 5, 1770, what event happened when a group of colonists came from a tavern and started an argue/fight with patrolling British soldiers on the streets of Boston? The Boston Massacre
Because of the Boston Massacre incident, what person fought in the court for the families of the people that were killed, but no fair trial was done and the soldiers were not convicted of their crimes? Samuel Adams
What event occurred at night, when several colonists sneaked aboard British ships, dressed like Natives Americans, broke open tea boxes and dumped them into the Boston Harbor? The Boston Tea Party
Since the Boston colonists ruin British Tea, what new act was enforced by the British king to punish the Boston colony for its bad actions? Intolerable Acts
In September 1774, what was held by the governments that started a boycott to stop the Intolerable Acts that were setup by the King of England? 1st Continental Congress
The British parliament was not going to listen to the 1st Continental Congress about the the Intolerable Acts, so the Continental Congress build what to fight against the British armies? A Militia
What was the nickname that was used for the “Militia” that they were widely known as? Minutemen
In April 1775, what British leader tried to stop the new militias, destroy a militia weapons depot, and have two major “Sons of Liberty” killed at Lexington to stop the American Revolution? Thomas Gage
What two “Sons of Liberty” escaped capture and execution at Lexington at the hands of the British soldiers? Samuel Adams and John Hancock
What two riders rode to Virginia and warned the colonist of the British attack that was going to happened early in the morning? Paul Revere and William Dawes
What other rider was joined by Paul Revere and William Dawes to warn the colonists of the upcoming attack by the British soldiers in Virginia? Samuel Prescott
In Lexington, Virginia, how many Minutemen were killed by the British soldiers? The British soldiers killed 8 Minutemen
The Minutemen were outnumbered in Concord Bridge, but how many British soldiers were killed by the Minutemen on their way to Boston? The Minutemen killed about 250 British soldiers
What was the name of this battle which the British soldiers were held out twice, even if they won against the Minutemen (Patriots) of the American Revolutionary War? The Battle of Bunker Hill
Who was selected as the general of the Continental Army for the American Revolution against the British soldiers? George Washington
Since the King of England or its government was not going to listen or compromise, what did this action lead to? The American Revolutionary War
In Pennsylvania, what colonists wrote a pamphlet that talked about why the 13 colonies should separate from Great Britain’s rule? Thomas Paine
What was the name of the pamphlet that Thomas Paine wrote that convinced colonists that it was a good idea to go against the England government for independence? Common Sense
When was the “Declaration of Independence” voted and ratified by the original 13 colonies in North America? July 4, 1776
What battle was the turning point of the American Revolutionary War and convinced the French armies to help the Americans fight against the British soldiers? The Battle of Saratoga
What was the name of the battle which the America and French forces defeated British General Cornwallis? Battle of Yorktown
A The final treaty for peace was signed in Paris, France, what was the name of this treaty that was negotiated by the Americans and the British governments? The Treaty of Paris
Who were the American representatives that help negotiate the final peace terms with Great Britain in Paris, France? Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, & John Jay
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