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The Famine - Results

Fall in Population: -Population fell by 2 million between 1845 and 1850 -1 million died and 1 million emigrated -Cottiers were almost wiped out as a class -Decline in population and emigration continued after the Famine -By 1901 the population had fallen to 4.6 million
End of Subdivision: -Subdivision was banned after the famine -Now only the eldest son got land -Other children moved to cities or emigrated to find work -The eldest son took over the farm after his father died - size of families got smaller as he married later
Decline in Irish Language: -The Irish speaking areas of west and south west suffered most from death and emigration -Irish language continued to decline after famine as people needed to speak English to emigrate
Emigration: -1 million people emigrated between 1846 & 1850 -Sailed in coffin ships - poor condition -Overcrowded & many died on the voyage. Some sank, drowning everyone. 1000s died of fever in overcrowded conditions -Many weren't allowed to dock - fever onboard
Change in Agriculture: -Agriculture moved away from traditional growing of crops -Many landlords went bankrupt as tenants couldn't pay rent -Had to sell estates.
Change in Agriculture (continued): -Buyers saw estates as investment - they evicted tenants to make way for more profitable farming, e.g. cattle rearing & dairy farming -Falling population allowed landlords to increase size of farms Bigger farms meant increase in farmers living standards
Anti-British feeling: -Many blamed British government for Famine -Ships left Ireland full of livestock & crops while country starved - led to bitterness against government as they didn't prevent export of food
Anti-British feeling (continued): -Increased support for those who wanted to drive English out of Ireland by force -Emigrants supported groups like IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) who wanted to stage rebellion against British in Ireland
Created by: roisin.oconnor
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