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Chapter 16

American Republic ch 16

Compromised with Radical Republicans in order to maintain a working relationship with Congress Andrew Johnson
Remained in debt year after year sharecroppers
abolished slavery 13th Amendment
kept states from denying blacks the right to vote 15th Amendment
offer of a group pardon to southerners Amnesty
granted citizenship to blacks 14th Amendment
designed to keep freed slaves in subjection and prevent them from exercising their political rights black codes
won the disputed election of 1876 Rutherford B Hayes
refused to leave office as secretary of state Edwin Stanton
leader of Radical Republicans in the House Thaddeus Stevens
impeached in 1868 Andrew Johnson
negotiated the treaty to buy "Florida" William Seward
What bill did Congress pass to keep President Johnson from dismissing Radical Republican presidential appointments Tenure of Office
What 12 year period is usually considered to be the years of Reconstruction 1865-1877
secret organization arose in the South frighten blacks and discourage them from voting after the Civil War Ku Klux Klan
Johnson's secretary of state William Seward
term used for slaves after the Civil War freedmen
federal relief agency was established to help the freed slaves freedmen's bureau
white southerners who supported radical Reconstruction scalawags
northerners who came south to assist in Reconstruction carpetbaggers
achievements by who in foreign affairs included purchasing Alaska, removing European rule in Mexica, making the Gadsden Purchase Andrew Johnson
Bourbon Reconstruction was characterized by return of southern democrats to power in government
objected to the extension of executive powers during the civil war, treatment of the south as erring brethren, Lincoln's 10% plan Radical Republicans
won presidential election of 1868 Ulysses S Grant
which amendment bar unpardoned confederates from voting or holding office, gave citizenship to blacks, eliminate the 3/5s compromise in the counting of the population 14 Amendment
The presidential election of 1876 settled by a special electoral commission
Reconstruction Act of 1867 established military rule in the South
President that had to deal with political corruption Ulysses S Grant
Know the circumstances of the impeachment found on pages 314-315
What does solid south mean ?
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