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Causes of Rev War


The tax on all paper goods was the... Stamp Act
What is it called when you refuse to buy something Boycott
Was the Tea Act a tax? No
Lowered the import tax for the British tea company allowing them to sell their tea at a cheaper price Tea Act
What did the King of England need to tax the colonists? To pay for the French and Indian War and to pay the soldiers that they sent to protect the colonist from pirates and Native Americans.
What did the colonist do in response to the Tea Act? They sent the ships carrying tea back to England, took the tea and put it in a cellar to rot, or dumped it in the Harbor.
When the people in Boston dumped the tea in the Harbor this became known as the.... Boston Tea Party
What did the King do to punish the people of Boston for the Boston Tea Party? 1. Blocked the harbor so no ships could go in or out. 2. Took away the power of the leaders.
What is it called when the King blocked the harbor? A blockade.
The King blocking the harbor and taking away the power from the leaders was called... The Intolerable Acts
Where did the leaders from each colony meet to discuss their problems with England? Philadelphia
What was the meeting called when they met to discuss their problems? The First Continental Congress
What did they do at the first meeting? 1. wrote a letter to the King saying they wanted to stay loyal to England but wanted to be treated better. 2. Told people to start creating militias 3. Said they would meet again if needed.
What was the kings response to the letter? He ignored it.
Where were the first shot of the war fired? At Lexington and Concord when the British army was trying to take gunpowder from the colonists.
When the colonial leaders met again what was this meeting called? The Second Continental Congress
What happened at the Second Continental Congress? 1. George Washington was named commander of the Continental Army. 2. They wrote the Declaration of Independence.
When was the Declaration of Independence signed? July 4, 1776
What is a declaration? An Announcement
The colonists were upset about the taxes. What did they yell? No Taxation Without Representation!
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