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Texas History Unit 7

Civil War & Reconstruction (chapters 16 - 17) Currently only 17

Reconstruction the effort, after the Civil War, to reorganize the seceded states and bring them back into the Union
pardon an official release from punishment for a crime
provisional government a temporary government
nullify to cancel
Juneteenth June 19th, the date celebrated as the anniversary of Emancipation Day for enslaved people in Texas
freedman a formerly enslaved person
demonstrate to show, prove, or make clear
black codes laws limiting the rights of African Americans passed by Southern governments after the Civil War
restrict to place a limit on a person or an action
Radical Republican a republican who believed that Congress should direct Reconstruction
Ku Klux Klan a secret organization of white man formed after the civil War that uses violence against African Americans
carpetbagger a Northerner in the South working for a Reconstruction governement
compulsory required
scalawag a white Southerner who supported Reconstruction