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UNO New York, 1945
UNICEF New York, 1946
UNESCO Paris, 1945
IMF Washington DC, 1945
UNFPA New York, 1969
International Maritime Organisation London, 1948
Commonwealth of Nations London, 1931
Amnesty International London, 1961
UNEP ( United Nations Environmental Programme) Nairobi, Kenya, 1972
SAARC Kathmandu, 1985
Food and Agricultural Organisation Rome, 1945
Transparency International Berlin, 1993
World Bank Washington D.C., 1944
International Renewable Energy Agency Abu Dhabi , UAE, 2009
Universal Postal Union Bern, Switzerland, 1874
International Court Of Justice The Hague, Netherlands, 1945
International Labor Organization Geneva, Switzerland; 1919
INTERPOL France, 1923
SCO Beijing, 1996
BIMSTEC Dhaka, 1997
ASEAN Jakarta
BRICS 2009
GCC Riyadh, 1981
NATO Belgium, 1949
EU Belgium, 1993 following the Maastricht Treaty
Indian Science Congress Association 1914
Asiatic Society of Bengal Kolkata, 1784 (Robert Chambers and Sir William Jones)
WHO Geneva Switzerland, 1948
WWF Gland, Switzerland, 1961
International Atomic Energy Agency Austria, 1957
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Austria, 1960
IUCN Gland, Switzerland, 1948
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