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INC Annual Sessions

1885, Bombay W C Bonnerjee 1st session attended by 72 delegates
1886, Calcutta Dadabhai Naoroji Merger of National Congress and National Conference
1887, Syed Badruddin Tyabji Appeal made to Muslims to join hands with other national leaders
1888, George Yule First English president
1896, Calcutta National song ‘Vande Mataram’ sung for the first time by Rabindranath Tagore
1905, Gopal Krishna Gokhale Expressed resentment against the partition of Bengal
1907, Surat Rash Behari Ghosh Party splits into extremists and moderates
1909, Madan Mohan Malaviya Indian Councils Act, 1909
1911, Calcutta ‘Jana Gana Mana’ sung for the first time
1916, Lucknow Ambica Charan Mazumdar Lucknow Pact – joint session with the Muslim League
1917, Calcutta Annie Besant First woman president of the INC
1925, Sarojini Naidu First Indian woman president
1928, Calcutta, Motilal Nehru All India Youth Congress formed
1929, Lahore, Jawaharlal Nehru Resolution for ‘Poorna Swaraj.’ Civil Disobedience movement for complete independence to be launched, 26 January to be observed as ‘Independence Day’.
1930 No Session – –
1931, Vallabhbhai Patel Resolution on fundamental rights and national economic progress. Gandhi-Irwin pact endorsed. Gandhi nominated to represent INC in the second round table conference
1937, Faizpur, Jawaharlal Nehru First session to be held in a village
1938, Subhas Chandra Bose National planning committee set up under Nehru
1939, Subhas Chandra Bose Bose was elected but had to resign since Gandhi supported Pattabhi Sitaramayya. Instead Rajendra Prasad was appointed
1941-45 No session because of arrest
1946, Meerut, Acharya Kripalani Last session before independence
1948, Jaipur, Pattabhi Sitaramayya First session after independence
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