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WWI&Great Depression

World War One and the Great Depression

What was the name of the insect that ate the cotton? Boll Weevil
What was the name of the time period with great drought, huge dust storms, and big agricultural damage? Dust Bowl
What is a drought? Time without rainfall
How many Georgians served in the armed forces? Close to 100,000
How did Georgia get a huge economy boost? Cotton farmers, textile production, cotton production, and victory gardens
Cotton farmers All time high in prices- KING cotton
Textile production Manufacturing clothing for soldiers
Food production Commercial canning factories- meat packing factories
Victory gardens Small family gardens- ate from small garden saving food supplies for soldiers
When did the boll weevil make its first appearance? 1915
When was the drought? 1924-1927
What year was known as the year you could walk across the Chattahoochee? 1925
What were the four factors that caused the Great Depression? Stock Market Crash of 1929, Bank Failures, Overproduction of Agriculture Products, and Reduction in Purchasing
Stock Market Crash of 1929 Stock market collapsed leading investors to lose over 40 billion dollars
Bank Failures Banks ran out of money(reserves) to pay people who wanted to withdraw their money
Overproduction of Agriculture Products Farmers produced more goods than needed, which pushed the price down. (Supply and demand)
Reduction in Purchasing Fears caused people to stop buying manufactured products, companies lost money and laid off more employees
What disease did Franklin D. Roosevelt get? Contracted Polio
What is the name of FDR's house he built? Little White House
Where did he build the Little White House? Warm Springs, Georgia
Why has he came to Warm Springs before? Polio therapy
What did FDR create to help everyone get out of the Great Depression? New Deal
Agency to put young men back to work preserving natural resources Civilian Conservation Corps
Offered low interest loans to build power lines in rural areas Rural Electrification Administration
Paid farmers a subsidy to plant less cotton and other crops Agricultural Adjustment Act
Insurance for elderly, unemployed and disabled people through contributions made by employee and employers Social Security Administration
He felt the federal government overstepped its boundaries Eugene Talmadge
In GA, planting trees in Chattahoochee National Forest, improving parks like Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, Cloudland Canyon and construct Appalachian Trail Civilian Conservation Corps
Purpose was to restrict the supply to drive up the demand Agricultural Adjustment Act
Subsidy Money given by the government to an organization to help it function
What did Talmadge oppose? Civil rights for African Americans
Who did Talmadge appeal to? Georgia farmers
1935 most of GA farms didn’t have electricity Rural Electrification Administration
By 1950 most farms had power Rural Electrification Administration
Who was the president during the Great Depression that helped pull everyone out of it? Franklin D. Roosevelt
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