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Civics Chapter 1

The characteristics of the state are: Population, government, sovereignty, and territory
Lock, Hobbes, Rousseau would likely agree that a state: Exists to serve the people
A state with supreme and absolute power within: It's own territory is sovereign
Hammurabi reordered the first systematic code of law: Used to govern a society
A government that is not responsible to the people and: Cannot be limited by them is dictatorial
A mixed economy best characterizes the: American economic system
Competition is the element that controls and maintains: A capitalistic economic system
Communism is the theory that claims that the value of any commodity is determined: By the amount of labor needed to produce it
Parliamentary government is used by countries: Such as Great Brittan and France
Confederation describes: An alliance of independent states
Nationalization is the governmental acsquition: Of private industry for public use
Insistence upon equality of opportunity: Is a basic feature of the American concept of democracy
In a presidential form of government the law making and the law executing functions: Are lodged in separate branches of the government
In the charter colonies much of the power over colonial affairs: Was held by the colonists
Before the mid 1700's the American Colonies enjoyed: A large measure of self-government
The Albany plan of union, the Stamp Act, Congress, and the New England Confederation: Were early attempt at colonial union
The Declaration of Independence contains the following ideas: 1. People have certain natural rights 2. Governments that do not safeguard their citizens can be overthrown 3. Governments can exist only with the consent of the governed
The following are weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation: 1. Congress was not given the power to tax 2. There was no central mechanism to regulate interstate trade 3. Congress had no power to make the States obey the Articles
Because James Madison contributed most of the writing to the Constitution: He is called the "Father of the Constitution"
George Washington was the first president of the United States:
He was elected unanimously by the Philadelphia convention
The major point of difference between the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan was: The basis for state representation in Congress
Delegates to the Philadelphia convention agreed that they should draft a: New constitution to replace the articles of confederation
According to the Connecticut Compromise, Congress was to be composed of two houses: With equal representation in one and proportional representation in the other
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