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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 US History

Oliver Hudson Kelley started the Patrons of Husbandry, an organization for farmers that became known as the Grange
Grange purpose was to provide a social outlet and educational forum for isolated farm families (organize)
Farmers Alliance groups included many who sympathized with farmers, educated people on topics such as lower interest rates on loans and government control over railroads
Populism movement of the people and demanded reforms to lift burden of debt from farmers
Bimetalilism silverites, monetary system in which the government would give citizens either gold or silver in exchange for paper currency or checks.
Gold Standard backing dollars solely with gold
William Jennings Bryan won the Democratic nomination in 1896 and backed by populist movement, lost to McKinley.
Bland Allison Act required the government to buy and coin at least 2-4 million worth of silver each month. Was not enough to support money supply farmers wanted
Panic of 1893 economic depression, collapse of the countrys two largest employers, Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, helps McKinley win president in 1896.
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