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CW and Reconstruct.

Civil War and Reconstruction Assignment

Crittenden Compromise A compromise proposed shortly before the Civil War that attempted to restore many aspects of slave policy around the time of the Missouri Compromise.
Robert E. Lee A Confederate General who was considered one of the best generals of his time and was a descendant of George Washington.
Battle of Gettysburg A battle that ended in Union victory, the costliest and biggest battle that has ever occurred on American soil.
Ulysses S. Grant A Union General who, at the start of the war, led the Army of the West
Battle of Bull Run First battle of the Civil War that ended in a surprising Confederate victory, watched by Washington officials
Gettysburg Address A roughly 2-minute speech that President Lincoln gave at the dedication of a national cemetery that evoked the founding fathers and other revolutionary rhetoric
Army of the West Union Army that operated in Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Mississippi River Valley
Election of 1860 Election between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, made South Carolina secede.
General McClellan A Union general who was known for his extremely careful decision-making, eventually fired by Abraham Lincoln for his incompetence in capturing Richmond, Virginia.
Election of 1864 Election between Abraham Lincoln and a former general who was popular among his former soldiers
Emancipation Proclamation Action by President Lincoln that freed southern slaves in a year but not slaves in the Union.
Border States States between the North and the South that often had both Confederate and Union support.
Battle of the Wilderness A battle that halted Grant's advance into Virginia
Fort Sumter Union fort attacked by the Confederates when President Lincoln tried to resupply it
Secession Unconstitutional measure of a state leaving the United States was first executed by South Carolina
Copperheads Democrats who opposed the Civil War in the north
Sherman's March to the Sea Military action that led to the eventual capture of Savannah, Georgia on December 21, 1864
Carpetbaggers Pejorative for northerners who came to the South after the Civil War
Scalawags Pejorative used by southerners that described a white southerner who worked with Northern Republicans.
13th Amendment Amendment that outlawed slavery in the U.S.
14th Amendment Amendment that made former slaves citizens and gave them equal protection under the law.
15th Amendment Amendment that disallowed many ways in which African American voters were often kept from voting.
Freedmen's Bureau Organization formed to help former slaves after the Civil War
Sharecropping Agriculture practice that exchanged land for a portion of the produce gathered on that land
Force Acts A series of four acts that allowed for federal intervention against Southern refusal to accept black people.
Black Codes Laws put in place in the South that tried to approximate slavery without actually having slavery by keeping black people as a cheap labor force.
Radical Republicans Group of politicians that advocated for harsh policies against the south after the Civil War.
Created by: Huffaker2020
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