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Review Day Three

Scientific Revolution, Exploration, Columbian Exchange and Slave Trade

Columbus I tried to find the fastest trade route to India for the king and queen of Spain but instead found San Salvador
Natural Resources materials or substances used for material gain
Mercantilism government control of the economy to create a favorable balance of trade; also to colonize for cheap labor, marketplaces and natural resources
Encomienda System Spanish encouragement of immigrants establishing farms that exploited the Native Americans
Capitalism economic system controlled by private individuals, not the state
Motives of Exploration Gold, Glory and God (to grow wealthyand spread Christianity)
Small pox European disease that when brought to the New World decimated the Native population
Nicholas Copernicus I developed the heliocentric theory but did not publish it until near my death for fear of excommunication
excommunication you are no longer a member of the Catholic Church and therefore can not receive the sacraments
Isaac Newton I discovered the law of universal gravitation
Astrolabe navigation tool of explorers that use an instrument and the stars to navigate
Francis Bacon While I might have frozen a chicken, I'm better known for developing the Scientific Method
Crops that fueled the slave trade Tobacco, sugar and cotton
Middle Passage The second leg of triangular trade
Galileo I didn't exactly recant my heliocentric beliefs when the Church as me to do so. I also found the moons of Jupiter.
Diaspora the diffusion of culture due to forced immigration
entrepreneur risk taking businessman
Treaty of Tordesillas Established by the pope to stop fighting between Spain and Portugal during exploration
Martin Luther Pope Leo X thought I was a harmless monk.
Henry VIII I broke with the Catholic Church for political reasons (I wanted a son) and economic reasons (I wanted Church land)
Leonardo Davinci I painted the Mona Lisa and Last Supper
Recant to take back one ideas
Chivalry the duties associated with a knight
Papacy having to do with the office of the pope
Secularism rejection of religious and religious considerations
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