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English phraseology

Aknowledge Let me know that you have received the message
Affirm Yes
Break Indicate separation between portions of the message
Cancel Annum the previous message
Check Examine a procedure or system
Cleared Authorised
Confirm Request verification
Contact Stablish radio with
Correct True or accurate
Approved Action granted
Disregard Consider that transmission as not sent
How do you read What is the readability of my transmission
I say again Repeat
Maintain Continue in accordance with conditions specified
Monitor Listen out on (frequency)
Negative No
Over My transmission finished
Read back Repeat his message back To me exactly as received
Recleared Indicate a change in the last clearance
Report Pass me the following information
Request I should like to know or obtain
Roger Received
Speak slower Reduce your speech speed
Standby Wait
Unable I cannot comply with your request
Wilco Abbreviation will comply
Words twice Used when the communication is difficult
Created by: Anderson C