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Exam Review 2

Review questions for 2nd Quarter exam 2019-20

Which compromise settled the issue of how representation in Congress would be determined? The Great Compromise
What are the two chambers of the U.S. legislative branch (Congress)? The House of Representatives and the Senate
How many members of the Senate is each state allowed to have? Two senators from each state
How are the number of representatives for each state determined for the House of Representatives? It depends on the population of the state
Which compromise allowed southern states to count some of their slaves as part of their total population? The Three-fifths Compromise
What is stated in the Three-fifths Compromise? Allowed 3/5 of the slave population to count for representation in Congress
Which system is used to prevent any one branch of the U.S. government to gain too much power? The system of checks and balances
What was the first attempt at a Constitution for the United States. The Articles of Confederation
How does the U.S. government get it's power? From the people
Who were the people who remained loyal to the British government during the American Revolution? Loyalists
Which battle was the turning point of the war in the South? The Battle of Kings Mountain
Why was the French and Indian War one of the causes of the American Revolution? The British were in debt from fighting the war
Why did the British plan to take Sullivans Island fail? The palmetto logs outside the fort absorbed the British cannon balls instead of breaking the walls
What fort on Sullivan's Island did the British try to capture? Fort Moultrie
Why were so many battles fought in SC? Because of the large number of Loyalists that lived there
Which language in SC was developed by the slaves? Gullah
How were the battles of Camden and Cowpens different? The Patriots won the Battle of Cowpens, but retreated from the battle of Camden.
The British won many of the first battles, but the Patriots won the war. True or False True
Who wanted independence from Great Britain? The Patriots
After which battle did France decide to support the American Revolution? The Battle of Saratoga
Which Act placed a tax on paper goods? The Stamp Act
Which Act placed a tax on Tea, glass and other goods? The Townshend Act
Which Act forced colonists to house British soldiers? The Quartering Act
Which Act led to the Boston Tea Party? The Tea Act
Which Act was a punishment for the Boston Tea Party? The Intolerable Acts
What was a direct result of the Stono Rebellion? A stricter slave code
What were the men called who tried to keep law and order in the Upcountry? Regulators
WHY was there so much lawlessness in the Upcountry? The Upcountry didn't have sheriffs or courts to enforce the law.
What did the policy of Mercantilism require of the colonists? Colonists were required to provide food and raw materials to the mother country.
To refuse to do something (buy a particular product) Boycott
To officially cancel a law repeal
A tax on imported goods Duty
The long slave voyage across the Atlantic Ocean The Middle Passage
Which important cash crop did Eliza Lucas Pinckney cultivate for S.C? Indigo
To formally approve a document ratify
Carolina Gold rice - a valuable cash crop in SC
What did The New Jersey Plan (small states) include for representation in Congress? Equal representation for all states
Which document was designed to protect personal rights and liberties? The Bill of Rights
What is the supreme law of the United States? The U.S. Constitution
What are the 3 branches of government in the U.S? Executive, Legislative and Judicial
What did Shay's Rebellion accomplish? Our leaders realized that the Articles of Confederation needed to be revised
In what battle did the British surrender which ended the Revolutionary War? The Battle of Yorktown
Which Document officially ended the American Revolution? The Treaty of Paris 1783
Paul Revere's engraving of which event further angered the colonists? The Boston Massacre
How did S.C. benefit from the creation of the colony of Georgia? It provided a buffer zone between SC and Spanish Florida
After the French and Indian War the colonists wanted the land west of the Proclamation line - true or false? True
African slaves were captured by other Africans and sold to Europeans - true or false? True
Known as the Swamp Fox Francis Marion
U.S. President and author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
The monarch in charge of Great Britain King George III
The leader of the British Army who surrendered at Yorktown Lord Cornwallis
The leader of the American Continental Army George Washington
Citizens elect representatives to govern the country Representative Democracy
A government ruled by a king or queen Monarch
A government where one person is in total control Dictatorship
A lack of government where no one is in control Anarchy
Government ruled by a small group Oligarchy
Created by: Mrs. Limbaugh
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