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4.1 Domestic Foreign

Civics Florida Standard SS.7.C.4.1 Domestic and Foreign Policy

alliance a union between nations for assistance and protection
allies nations united with another for some common purpose such as assistance and protection
ambassador a person sent as the chief representative of his or her own government in another country
diplomacy the work of keeping up relations between the governments of different countries
diplomat a person employed or skilled in diplomacy
doctrine the principles in a system of belief
domestic affairs issues or concerns in one’s own country
domestic policy a course of action chosen to guide people in making decisions about their own country
embassy the residence or office of an ambassador
foreign affairs issues or concerns about other countries around the world
foreign policy a course of action chosen in order to guide people in making decisions about other countries
HIV/AIDS the virus that causes AIDS, spread through bodily fluids rather than casual contact or airborne
international relations dealings between nations around the world
Secretary of State the head of the U.S. Department of State; a member of the President’s Cabinet
treaty an agreement or arrangement between two or more countries
U.S. State Department the federal department in the U. S. that sets and maintains foreign policies; part of the executive branch of the federal government