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2.10 Monitor Gov

Civics Florida Standard SS.7.C.2.10 Monitoring and Influencing Gov

impact to have a strong effect on something or someone
influence having an effect or impact on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others
interest group people who are concerned with some particular issue or part of the government and who try to influence legislators or to act in their favor, also known as a special interest group
lobbying to conduct activities in order to influence public officials
lobbyist a person who conducts activities in order to influence public officials
media plural form of the word “medium,” refers to various means of communication. For example, television, radio, newspapers and the Internet (web) are different types of media. The term can also be used as a collective noun for the press or news reporting agencies.
monitor to watch, keep track of, or check usually for a special purpose
petitioning the government any nonviolent, legal means of encouraging or disapproving government action, directed to the judicial, executive or legislative branch
political action committee (PAC) an independent political organization that seeks to promote the cause of a particular interest group, usually through raising money and campaigning to elect candidates who support the group's views
public agenda a list of issues that much of society agrees are a priority
public policy government actions in the form of laws
public sphere a place where society discuss the issues that affect everyone
watchdog a person or group who acts as a protector or guardian