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2.8 Political Partie

Civics Florida Standard SS.7.C.2.8 Political Parties

bias a preference, opinion or attitude that favors one way of thinking or feeling over another
candidate a person running for political office
Communist Party a political party that believes the government should control all production and distribution of goods and working people should control their own lives and destinies
Democratic Party a political party that believes that the federal government should take a more active role in people's lives, particularly those who are in need
government a system or organization for exercising authority over a body of people
Libertarian Party a political party that believes in individual freedom and the only purpose of government is to protect this freedom
party platform a document stating the aims and goals of a political party
political party an organization that seeks to gain political power by electing members to public office so that their political ideas can be reflected in public policies
political system the members of a social organization who are in power
Republican Party a political party that believes that the federal government should play a small role in people's lives; they favor lower taxes and less government spending
Socialist Party a political party that believes people should own and control industry through democratically controlled public agencies, cooperatives, or other collective groups
society a body of individuals living as members of a community
third party a political party that is not one of the two major parties in the country; a minor party
two-party system a political system consisting primarily of two major parties, more or less equal in strength