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interview <3


First National Program Delta Gems Growing and Empowering My self successfully Thrust Educational Development Tailored to girls 14- 18 promote educational success
Second National Program Journey to wellness committing our bodies to physical and mental health promoting bettering our bodies physically and mentally thrust physical and mental health
Third National Program Financial Fortitude promote economic development and economic security Thrust economic development
Fourth National Program Delta Days at Nations Capital Thrust Politcal Awareness and Involvement
Being a member of DST vow to make a life time commitment how is such a commitment essential to growth and development of organization contribute interpersonal, leadership skills, promote team work sisterhood accomplish task in the community passion with mental health elaborate on delta dears. commitment resonate in org provide fellowship passion dedication
describe how personal and professional strengths will contribute to growth and stability in org. personal strengths passion for service, interpersonal skills, leadership skills done countless volunteering soup kitchen, panel discuss, children . Professional strengths background nurse contribute within scope of prac and AF
Develop a new program initiative what and why First program around obesity and diabetes management more perevelant and uneducated lead to greater health comp. Second mental health awareness passion. third tailored to gracefully aging seniors elaborate on delta dears dream to open a non profit "enid"
If you were to create a non-profit organization what would it be called and what would be the mission “ Enid's Home for the Golden” its mission would be to provide utmost spiritual , physical , and mental health care to the elderly. The home would be a living facility for those who do not have the means to afford assisted long term living care.
qualities of sisterhood empowerment, love, friendship respect , accountability ,honesty Sisterhood is a true relationship friendship, love ,a bond between two people who care about each other’s goals and dreams and empowers each other through all of life’s events
Delta programs been too the firstMLK day of service given the opportunity to put together supply bags with health care itemes, arts and crafts give books . The secon feed thenighboorhood made sandwhiches etc tjhe third financial lit program etc the fourth stomp dat etc.
Leadership qualities passion - misson done keep going motivate others trust- subordinates ,peers , bond Integrity - honesty , owning up , accountable ' patience - time to asses situation , evaluate , handle right
Delta National Programs how align with thrust Delta Gems y girls 14-18) education development Journey to wellness committing bodies to physical and mental health ( mental health ) Delta House - home for children affected by HIV aids pandemic Internat invol Social Action - sponsor vote polit awa
Four Members of DST Lena horne- actress broke barries the way af am portrayed on stage Hortense Canady- PVAC charter mem , nat pres, first AF elec to lansing board of education activist paula giddings - history of DST and in search of sisterhood Wilma Rudolf - track3gold
personal goals doctorate , non profit nursing, dst help involve community , trust , support , research . empowerment
what ovac done in community delta gems montgom housing comiss 14-18 moc voting embodi montgom housing opp 4-8g boys empowerment service social action comittee voter registration arts and literacy help af library project gambia sierra leone over1000 books
If you were initiated into this chapter what programs would you what programas and why I would initiate a program devised around mental health ensuring community properly educated on where to receive the right resources and help. I would promote mental health awareness and work on breaking the negative stigma
public policy legislative issues the first education funding - richer poorer neighboorhood the second criminal justice reform 30% af american men voter registration - expand to highs school envirmental protection- clean energy its cold
3 honorary members first angela basset - actress strong women betty shabazz second susan L taylor- editor in chief essence recieved highest award johson fisher ruby dee- actrest poet civil rights activist clara hale - hale house unwanted kid adicted to drugs
Created by: Julaine_13
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