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Kansas Ch1 SG

Kansas Ch1 Study Guide

Aquifer A layer of rock that holds water underground.
Drought A prolonged period of below average precipitation.
Erosion The process of breaking down, as in the break down of rock by wind and water.
Physical Feature The natural landforms and characteristics of a place.
Precipitation The amount of water in the air that falls to the earth as rain, snow, sleet, hail.
Prairie An area too wet to be a desert, but too dry to be a forest.
Why are prairie fires important? They help with new growth and stability.
What two members of the grass family are grown as crops in Kansas? Wheat and hay
Cultivate To prepare the soil for planting crops.
Primary Source A first-hand account of an event (can be a photograph, letter, diary entry, newspaper article, etc.).
Arid Dry, lacking moisture.
What is the Ogallala Aquifer? The aquifer that lies under 8 mid-western states, including Kansas.
What percent of the prairie plant is underground and why? 80% so it can survive animals, fires, floods and other severe weather.
Name the Kansas river that begins in the Rocky Mountains and drains into the Mississippi River: Arkansas River
What is the majority of the water pumped from the Ogallala Aquifer used for? Irrigation of farmland.
Some physical features found in Kansas are: Rivers, hills, rocks...just to name a few.
Plain A flat, treeless landscape that receives low levels of rain.
What steps were taken to prevent future floods after the one in 1951? A system of reservoirs was built across the state of Kansas.
How does native prairie grass help the soil? It protects the soil from erosion and catches rainwater to provide moisture to the soil.
Irrigation To supply dry land with water by means of ditches, pipes or streams.
Physiographic Regions Land regions formed by similar geologic processes.
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