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6th grade History

Chapt 6 Ancient Israelites quiz

What kind of people did the Ancient Israelites believed they were? God's chosen people
What book told the stories of the Israelites? The Torah
Abraham made a _______________ with God who promised him the ___________________ of Canaan. deal, land
What was the problem with Abraham's family moving to Canaan? Many other people wanted to settle in the lands too.
What did Abraham make with God? a deal
What did God promise Abraham? the land of Canaan
Why did many people want the lands of Canaan? The lands were very rich and fertile.
What did Abraham and his nation had to renounce? religions that worshipped many gods.
What does Patriarch mean? the male head of the family
What happens when the patriarch dies? the oldest male child becomes the head of the family
Who was Abraham's firstborn child? (What was his name?) Isaac
How many sons did Jacob have? 12 sons
What did Jacob's sons and their tribes became? the 12 original tribes of the nation of Israel
What was Joseph's Dream? Joseph's brothers were worshiping him.
Because of Joseph's dream, what did his brothers do? They got angry and threw him down a well.
Who did Joseph's brothers sell Joseph to? a caravan of traders who were going to Egypt
What made Joseph famous? interpreting dreams
What was Pharaoh’s dream? 7 fat cows and 7 skinny cows
Why did Pharaoh free Joseph? Convinced Joesph was telling the truth.
How did the new Pharaoh treat the Israelite? made them slaves
Who freed his people from Slavery? Moses
Where did Moses and his people go? They left Egypt only to spend 40 years wondering the desert.
How many years did Moses and his people wonder the desert? 40 years
What did God give Moses on Mt. Sanai and what was it’s purpose? 10 Commandments, code of conduct for people to follow
Why is it important for societies to write down their laws? So people know what the laws (rules] are
Who was picked to decide who would be king of Israel? Samuel
Describe the story of David and Goliath. David beat the giant by swinging a sling shot between the eyes.
David became King of Canaan and made what town the capital? Jerusalem
What is the name of David's son that became the next king? Solomon
Why did other nations want to capture Canaan? wanted the fertile lands of Canaan
What 2 kingdoms were created from Canaan? Judah and Israel
Why did the people of Israel and Judah leave? kings invaded
What happened around the year 539 BC? Persians freed the captured citizens of Judah.
What book contained stories and teachings? The Torah
Created by: Amy German
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