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7th Gr SS Sem1 Exam

7th Grade Semester 1 Exam - Texas History

Panhandle (Great Plains) Mostly flat, grassy land with high, flat plateaus, and canyons Semi-arid steppe; hot summers, cold winters Wind turbine farms, cotton farms, ranching Rural, small towns, includes Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene
North Central Includes plains to the West and forest to the East, rolling hills Moderate rainfall, warm summer, cool winters Oil and gas drilling, farms, ranches Second most populated region, large cities and smaller towns, includes Dallas, Ft Worth, Waco
West (Mountains and Basins) Mountains, basins, desert valleys, Rio Grande Subtropical Desert, dry winters, limited rainfall in the summer Mining, oil and gas drilling Primarily rural, sparsely populated, includes El Paso
Gulf Coast Along Gulf of Mex coast; marshes, barrier islands, bays, coastal plains Humid subtropical, warm to hot summer/mild winter Shipping, Chemical Refineries, rice & catfish farms Most populated region:includes Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, & Corpus Christi
Rio Grande forms a border between - Mexico & the US
Sabine forms a border between - Louisiana & Texas
Red forms a border between - Texas & Oklahoma
Which region has some of the lowest elevations in Texas? Gulf Coast
Where are some of the highest elevations? West
Where in Texas would you likely find a ranches? North Central Plains, grassland flat land
Where in Texas would you likely find a shipbuilder? Gulf Coast, Gulf shipping posts
Where in Texas would you likely find a cotton farm? Great Plains, semi-arid flat lands
In which region of Texas would Indians have used adobe for their shelters? West; Mountains and Basins
Pull factors that motivated Columbus to explore the Americas. trying to find a faster way to India
Pull factors that motivated Cortez to explore the Americas. desire to expand Spanish empire
Pull factors that motivated Coronado to explore the Americas. searching for cities of gold
How are the explorers similar? All sought gains in power and wealth
Is there a change over time in regards to the explorers? Columbus was more of an explorer, seeking to understand new places while later explorers did more conquering of lands and people
• Buffalo large, fur covered herding animals
• Nomadic move around, do not settle in one place
• San Antonio de Valero Roman Catholic mission established along San Antonio River, more commonly known as The Alamo
• Missions religious communities/outposts established by Spanish Catholics to covert Texas Indians
• Catholic primary religion for Spain and Mexico
• Empresario system used by Spain to grant the right to settle specific lands in exchange for recruiting new settlers
• Cabeza de Vaca Explored Gulf from Florida to Texas, partially due to a misunderstanding of the area’s geography, encountered Karankawa, received food in exchange for his treatment of sick and injured Indians
• Alonson Álvarez de Pineda first to draw Texas gulf coast
• Fray Damiám Massanet helped De Leon establish Mission San Francisco de los Tejas; burned mission after conflict with Indians in the area
• Francisco Hidalgo advocated for more missions in East Texas; supported better treatment of Native Americans
• José de Escandón Spanish born Texas colonizer; founded over twenty towns or villas and a number of missions
• Antonio Margil de Jesús founded at San Antonio the most successful of all Texas missions, San José y San Miguel de Aguayo
• La Salle French exploration around northern Gulf shore, contributed to increased desire by the Spanish to settle eastern Texas
List three examples of changes resulting from contact with Spanish. Catholic missions Spanish language Use of horses for transportation and conflict
List two methods the Spanish used to settle Texas. Building mission and Presidio system Empresario contracts
How did Mexican independence from Spain impact Texas? Meant settlers in Texas were subject to Mexican laws, including the expectation that they would convert to Catholicism
Why would early Mexican laws require settlers to profess the Roman Catholic religion? To maintain Mexican cultural beliefs
Anglo settlers’ reactions to the Mexican Constitution of 1824 Anglo settlers were okay with the 1824 Constitution due it’s similarities to the U.S. Constitution.
Anglo settlers’ reactions to the Laws of 1830. The Laws of 1830 were more restrictive and forbid bring more slaves into the region – Anglo settlers did not like the changes and began to protest.
Mexican Constitution of 1824 and the Laws of 1830 -- Explain the similarities or differences. Similarities is that both are rules of law that governed the land but while the 1824 Constitution encouraged Anglo settlement in Texas, the Laws of 1830 were an attempt to reduce Anglo settlement
In what way(s) did the Meir y Teran Report contribute to changes in Mexican settlement laws? The report raised concerns about the high numbers of Anglo settlers and evidence that many were not adopting Mexican cultural beliefs or practices. The Mexican government began to pass laws intended to prohibit or limit immigration from America to Texas
American settlers in Texas eventually clashed with Mexico over how Texas should be governed. Give two examples of where the settlers and Mexican government held different points of view. Slavery Having to adopt Catholic faith
Battle of Medina bloodiest battle in Texas during the Mexican Revolution
Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 US gained Florida in exchange for giving up claims to parts of Texas
Fredonian Rebellion :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. Dec 1826-Jan 1827; 1st attempt by Anglo settlers to separate from Mexico
Mier y Terán Report :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. 1828; after a year investing, General Teran reported that there were a lot more Anglos that Mexicans in east Texas and a strong influence of the U.S. on Texas, recommended making immigration from America less attractive
Law of April 6, 1830 :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. written in response to the Teran Report, added additional restricts for settlement – particularly forbid additional slaves from being brought in, cancelled unfulfilled empresarial grants
Arrest of Stephen F. Austin :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. Dec. 1830, arrested while returning home from a visit to Mexico City on suspicion of trying to stir up rebellion but he was actual trying to persuade Santa Anna’s government to change the Law of April 6, 1830.
Turtle Bayou Resolutions :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. June, 1832, documents where settlers explain their attack on a Mexican garrison in Anahuac not as a settlers against Mexico but Federalists against Centralists, encouraging Texans to support Santa Anna
Battle of Gonzales :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. Sept/Oct1835, USsettlers in Gonzales refuse surrender cannon given to defend against Ind-charged w/avoiding conflict if possible-Mex withdrew w/out cannon-battlecry&flag “Come and Take It” stems-brief fight marks clear break between UScolonists& Mex govt
Washington-on-the-Brazos :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. Location of the Convention of 1836 where delegates signed the Texas Declaration of Independent and wrote the Constitution of the Republic of Texas, establishing the first Texas Republic government
The Goliad Massacre :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. Mar1836 400 captured TX forces imprisoned at Goliad; Palm Sunday prisoners marched 3 roads shot firing squad;342 were killed , 28 escaped, &20 spared; Santa Anna=cruel-created increased international support to the TX Rev
Battle of Alamo :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. Feb-Mar6, 1836; TX Rev troops, inclu Travis, Bowie, Crockett held off MexArmy in a siege 12 days poor supplies outnumbered; the Mextroops won final battle&189 dead; courage in the face of certain death led to “Remember the Alamo” a rallying cry for Rev
Battle of San Jacinto :contributed to or impacted the Texas Revolution, including beginning and ending dates as well as events. Apr21,1836outnumbered TX led by Houston surprise att Anna’s troops encamped along Buffalo Bayou;18 minutes ended w/death 630 Mextroops (9of 910 Houston troops died), capture of Santa Anna and 730 Mexican troops-marks the victory of TX ind & end of the Rev
Sam Houston Served as served as a delegate from Nacogdoches to the Consultation of 1835 and major general of the Texas Revolutionary Army; commander during the Battle of San Jacinto
William B. Travis a lieutenant colonel in the Texas Army, commander at the battle of the Alamo where he pleaded for reinforcements to combat Santa Anna’s troops, he died at the Alamo
Stephen F. Austin American empresario."Father of Texas", TXfounder-brought old 300 hundred to TX, during Rev served as commissioner to U.S.solicit loans&volunteers, arrange credits for munitions &equip, fit out warships, and do whatever they could to commit USgovto recogn
Created by: SHigh
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