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Section 7 VA SOL

Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin was written by _________________.
Uncle Tom's Cabin The book ________________ highlighted the treatment of slaves in the south.
Dred Scott Case The Supreme Court's decision in the ________________ proved to be a cause of the Civil War.
Citizen In the Dred Scott Case the Supreme Court decided that no negro could be a ___________ and therefore could not sue in the courts.
Missouri Compromise The Dred Scott Case invalidated the _______________.
Northern Abolitionists were most likely to be found in _________________ states.
Slave Codes These were passed in response to slave rebellions ___________.
Harrison This President died after just a month in office.
Taylor This President died after a year in office.
Ineffective President's in the 1850's were very ___________________.
1861 President Lincoln called for 75,000 troops in ___________
Abraham Lincoln The Southern States seceded immediately after the election of ___________________.
Abolish slavery The Southern states feared Lincoln would try to: ____________.
Fort Sumter The first shots of the Civil War were fired at ________________.
South Carolina Fort Sumter is located in ___________________.
Antietam The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by Abraham Lincoln after the battle at ________________.
Abraham Lincoln Who gave the Emancipation Proclamation?.
Gettysburg Which battle is regarded as the turning point of the Civil War?.
July 1863 When was the Battle of Gettysburg?.
Freed the slaves What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?.
Appomattox Where did Lee surrender to Grant?.
Accept defeat and unite as Americans What did Robert E. Lee urge Southerners to do after the war?.
U.S. Grant Who joined Robert E. Lee in urging Americans to come together after the war?.
Abraham Lincoln Who insisted the Union be held together by force if necessary?.
Antietam The Emancipation Proclamation was issued after the Northern victory at what battle?.
Rebelling States The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves of which states?.
Delaware, Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky What four states kept their slaves during the war?
Abolishing slavery The Emancipation Proclamation made ____________ a Northern war aim (or goal) ensuring that Great Britain would not support the South.
Union Army The Emancipation Proclamation provided that freed slaves were welcome to serve in the ______________.
Perish Abraham Lincoln said that "government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not ____________.
Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln reaffirmed that all men were created equal in what speech?.
Collection Abraham Lincoln believed that America was "one nation" not a __________________ of sovereign states.
Unlawful Lincoln believed that secession was __________________ and that the states had never really left the Union legally speaking.
Forgiving Lincoln's attitude towards the Southern States after the war was ________________.
Radical Republicans After Lincoln's death which group took over?.
Andrew Johnson Which president was impeached by the Radical Republicans?.
13th Which amendment abolished slavery permanently?.
14th Which amendment prohibited the states from denying equal rights under the law?.
15th Which amendment guaranteed voting rights regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude?.
13th 14th 15th What are the "Civil War Amendments?".
1876 When did Reconstruction end?.
Military Districts What form of government was used in the Reconstruction South?
Compromise of 1877 The Radical Republicans agreed to end military occupation of the South in exchange for Southern Democrat support in the election of 1876 in the ______________.
Richmond and Atlanta Which two major southern cities were destroyed in the war?.
Railroads What form of transportation expanded quickly in the post-war period?.
Transcontinental Railroad What was finished in 1867 that linked the East and West coasts?.
The South Which region suffered the most economically after the war?.
The North Which region showed an industrial boom in the post-war period?.
Agriculture What did the South rely upon for its economic development in the Civil War AND the post-war period?
Nursing, agriculture and war industries Which three industries saw openings for women develop during the Civil War?.
Hand to hand Combat in the civil war was often ________________.
Rifle and machine gun Which two weapons began to change the face of combat in the Civil War?.
Lincoln's reconstruction plan. A southern state would be reintegrated into the Union if 10% of its voters in the presidential election of 1860 had pledged an oath of allegiance to the United States and emancipation. It was hated by Republicans. 10 Percent
Illegal - in his mind the secession never happened, so putting the Union back together should be quick and without punishment Lincoln believed that secession was _______________
A plan that gave pardon to all those who took loyalty oaths. It punished plantation owners and forced states to abolish slavery before readmittance. Did not support civil rights/voting rights for freed slaves. Johnson's Reconstruction Plan
After the Civil War, a group that believed the South should be harshly punished and thought that Lincoln was sometimes too compassionate towards the South. Aggressively sought to guarantee voting and other civil rights to freed slaves. Impeached Johnson b
Laws denying most legal rights to newly freed slaves; passed by southern states following the Civil War Black Codes
Agriculture (sharecropping) Type of industry common in SOUTH after Civil WAr
Manufacturing/Industrial Type of economy in NORTH after Civil War
Completed in 1869 at Promontory, Utah, it linked the eastern railroad system with California's railroad system, revolutionizing transportation in the west Transcontinental Railroad
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