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Key Terms for Exam 3

Performativity contends that gender is not something we are, it is something we do
Ableism an ideology that assumes "the world should be tailored to those without disabilities"
Sports Rage offensive behavior, both verbal and physical, that results from unfavorable sport outcomes
Sport Socialization 1.) through athletes exposure to the sport 2.) the reinforcement that is received from others while engaged in those sporting activities
Parental support behaviors or comments that athletes perceive to foster athletic participation, with evidence suggesting that supportive parents used more open communication and encouraged children to develop at their own pace
Parental Pressure involves messages continually focusing on success and foster improbable and impossible expectations of a child
MLT: multidimensional leadership theory operationalizes effective sport leadership by examining the way coaches understand situational characteristics and required leader behavior
Cohesion the sense of belonging or sense of morale individuals experience as a function of their team membership
Task and social functions the desire to achieve the group's goals and the desire to develop and maintain relationships fulfilled by the group
apologia speech of self defense
Created by: dcbackman
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