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Colonial Times


French Huguenots Started the SC Society which created school and helped the poor.
Germans Moved to the upcountry. They grew so much wheat that the area became known as "The Breadbasket of the Carolinas".
Scots-Irish Came in family groups. Always built the church first and the town around it.
English from Barbados The made sugar and rice plantations, brought slave. Helped make Carolina one of the riches colonies.
Lords Proprietors 8 men who were given the land Carolina as payment for a debt.
Fundamental Constitution A document the Lords Proprietors wrote to get settlers to come to Carolina.
Charles Town The first permanent settlement in Carolina
Barbados and Ireland Settlers stopped her for supplies and to learn how to make a colony successful.
Anthony Ashley Cooper One of the Lords Proprietors who wrote the Fundamental Constitution with his secretary.
4 Laws of the Fundamental Constitution 1. Free Land 2. Freedom of Religion 3. A say in the government 4. A chance to move up in society
European Jews Built a synagogue in Charles Town
England The first country to establish a permanent settlement
Ashley River and Cooper River The 2 rivers named after Anthony Ashley Cooper
Problems with Native Americans Settlers were taking their land and cheating them when trading.
Yemassee War Settlers had been moving into Yemassee land. The last straw was when the settlers built the town of Beaufort. The Yemassee attacked. The settlers got the Cherokee to help them fight and were able to defeat the Yemassee. A treaty was signed to end the war.
cash crop A crop grown to make money.
Rice and Indigo The first 2 cash crops
Cherokee War The Royal Governor broke his promise to the Cherokee so the attacked leading to a 4 year war. England sent troops over to help defeat the Cherokee.
treaty A written agreement between two groups.
Why didn't the Colonists want the Lords Proprietors to rule over them any more? They weren't protecting them from Native American and pirate attacks.
Royal Colony A colony under the rule of the King. (What we became after the King took control over Carolina from the Lords Proprietors)
Carolina The ship that made it to Carolina bringing settlers
Backcountry As more settlers came they settled in this area.
Gullah A mix of African and English languages
Sweet Grass Baskets One of the things made by the Gullah people that you can still see being made if you visit Charleston
Stono Rebellion A slave revolt that led to more strict slave laws.
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