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2019 CBA

Brookside cba vocab review

Cash crop single crop grown for sale/export
1607 Jamestown settlement
1620 Mayflour Compact
1776 Colonies sign Declaration of Independence, separating from Great Britain
1787 Founding fathers drafted the U.S. Constitution
Puritans seeking to practice their faith without fear of persecution
Pilgrims a chance to build new lives, to worship as they chose
Proclamation of 1763 British government restriction on movement or settlement west of the Appalachian
1619 House of Burgesses
John Paul Jones “I have not yet begun to fight
James Armistead a slave who served as a spy for the colonial troops under General Lafayette
Due Process steps that must be applied before government/courts can take an individual’s life, freedom or property
Guarantee promise, pledge, assurance
Provision supply, provide, set aside amount
Tariff tax on imported goods, usually used to protect domestic production
Unalienable rights (natural rights, human rights) Thomas Jefferson in the DOI as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
Limited Government Government restricted by laws, people are protected
Checks and Balances power of one branch can be challenged by another branch
Northwest Ordinance Set up how states would be added to the Union and prohibited slavery in the Ohio River Valley
Yorktown -- 1781 final battle of the American Revolution
Maryland, North And South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia Southern Colonies
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware Middle Colonies
New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island New England Colonies
New England Colonies seaports, whaling, trade, shipbuilding, fishing , logging
Middle Colonies Farming, esp. grains; iron mines
Southern Colonies Cash Crop Plantations indigo, tobacco and rice
Government powers divided between branches of the government Separation of Power
Government power divided between national and state governments Federalism
Representatives elected by the people make up the government Republicanism
Republicanism Population votes on who will represent them in congress
Federalism According to the Constitution, the national government has the power to raise an army but the States have the power to issue driver’s and marriage licenses
Separation of Power U.S. government divided into 3 branches Legislature who has the power to make laws; Executive who has the power to enact and enforce laws; Judicial who has the power to interpret the laws
Federalist For Strong central government to address issues resulting from AOC
Anti-Federalist Against Preferred the power be with States and the people; wanted individual rights included
Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason Anti-Federalist
Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, John Adams Federalist
Created by: chtaylor
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