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Unit 6 - 8th Grade


Louisiana Purchase - 1803 Doubled size of our country - purchased by Jefferson for $15,000,000 from France
Marbury v. Madison - 1803 Supreme Court case that started the power of Judicial Review for the Supreme Court - the power to strike down a law passed by congress deemed unconstitutional
Impressment Kidnapping of American sailors by the French and British - led to Jefferson's Embargo Act of 1807
Embargo Act of 1807 Jefferson's response to the impressment of American sailors by the British and French - it was a stoppage of all trade with Europe
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton Started the first two political parties
National Bank Hamilton was convinced that the creation of a National Bank was essential to helping the economy of the United States
Whiskey Rebellion Washington led the troops out to put down the rebellion - proved the federal government was strong and could enforce its laws under the Constitution
Washington's Farewell Address Precedent set by Washington as he was leaving office - warned the nation to stay away from alliances with other countries, pay off debts, and to not form political parties
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions The Democrats response to the Alien and Sedition Acts - started the idea of States' Rights
Northwest Ordinance - 1787 Governed the Northwest Territory - set a standard of 60,000 free citizens before a territory could apply for statehood
Hamilton's three step plan 1. National Bank 2. Import Taxes 3. Whiskey Tax
Southerners Many southerners were opposed to the National Bank, they were mostly Democrats and farmers who wanted the states to have more power
Washington as first president Washington paid off the debt with Hamilton's three step plan which included import taxes and a tax on whiskey
Judiciary Act of 1789 Washington oversaw the passage of this act in order to organize the structure of the Judicial Branch
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