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U.S. vocab ch.8

Second Great Awakening A 19th-century religious movement in which individual responsibility for seeking salvation was emphasized, along with the need for personal and social improvement.
revival A religious gathering designed to reawaken faith through impassioned preaching.
transcendentalism A philosophical and literary movement of the 1800s that emphasized living a simple life and celebrated the truth found in nature and in personal emotion and imagination.
civil disobedience The refusal to obey those laws which are seen as unjust in an effort to bring about a change in governmental policy.
utopian community An experimental community designed to be a perfect society, in which its members could live together in harmony.
abolition Movement to end slavery.
emancipation The freeing of slaves.
antebellum Belonging to the period before the Civil War.
gag rule A rule limiting or preventing debate on an issue.
cult of domesticity A belief that married women should restrict their activities to their home and family.
temperance movement An organized effort to prevent the drinking of alcoholic beverages.
Seneca Falls Convention A women’s rights convention held in Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848.
cottage industry A system of production in which manufactures provide the materials for good to be produced in the home.
master A skilled artisan, usually one owning a business and employing others.
journeyman In the apprentice system, a skilled worker employed by a master.
apprentice A worker learning a trade or craft, usually under the supervision of a master.
strike A work stoppage intended to force an employer to respond to demands.
National Trades Union The first national association of trade unions, formed in 1834.
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