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History:Rome Funeral

Were funerals in Rome frequent? (Did they happen often?) Yes
Why did funerals happen often? ->Women often died in childbirth ->Many children died before adulthood ->Some died unexpectedly from injury’s or illness
Were funerals important to the romans? Yes
What was placed into the mouth of the dead and why? And was it important? A coin was placed into the mouth of the dead to pay Charon, the ferryman of the dead. It was important to get into the afterlife.
What river did Charon cross to bring the dead to the underworld? The river Styx
What happened at a patrician funeral? First, the patricians body was carried through the city on a litter, wearing their best clothes. The family of the deceased hired musicians and professional mourners to walk behind, loudly crying and reciting the persons achievements. Some very rich or po
What did patricians do, to ensure they were remembered? Build a statue of them in the peristylium (in the family domus)
What happened at a plebeians funeral? They were carried through the town and outside the towns walls. They were dressed in their best clothes, in hopes to get into the afterlife. They were cremated and the ashes were put in an urn. The urn was then places in a simple grave with a headstone.
Created by: KMcBride007