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Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Vocabulary and questions

Term + QuestionsDefinition + Answers
Autocracy A government in which one person rules with unlimited power
Standard of living A way to judge how well a person or a family is living
Democratic Having to do with a government in which all people have equal rights
Duma The Russian parliament
Abdicate To give up power as a ruler
Socialism An Economic and political theory in which the government owns and controls the major means of production
Who was Alexander II? Russia was an autocracy government in which one person rules with unlimited power. In Russia that person was the Czar. He controlled the lives of his people and expected them to obey
List three things Alexander II did to expand rights to the people? He ended serfdom and introduced the Jury system, he gave Russians more rights, and he allowed more people to attend school.
Why was Alexander II executed? People in Russia were experiencing their first of freedom and they wanted more. When he refused, they revolted. During one of these revolts, a young revolutionary killed the Czar.
Who was Nicholas II? He became the Czar after Alexander was executed. He faced many problems . Educated Russians wanted more democratic government in which all people had equal rights.
Why did Russian workers march to the Czar's palace in 1905 They wanted better working conditions , more freedom, and an elected national assembly.
List two results of the march, also known as Bloody Sunday Russian workers refused to work and riots broke out
What did Czar Nicholas II promise and how did he fail to deliver? He promised to give people more freedom if they would stop violence. He dismissed the election of a Russian parliament after three months because he believed that he alone had the right to govern
How did World War I affect Russia? Millions of Russians were killed, wounded, or taken to prison. The people had to live with little food, fuel, and other needed supplies. All of this boiled up into anger and was aimed towards Czar Nicholas.
List two reasons why Czar Nicholas was forced to give up his power Stores in St. Petersburg had no bread and the women became angry. They shouted and sang "End the war" and "Down with the Czar. His troops even refused to obey him.
What do socialists want? They wanted the government to control the economy of the nation. Also under socialism, the government owns all the land, industries, and transportation.
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