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Industrial Rev

Why did the industrial revolution start in great britan Because britan had lots of materials and minerals to make machines
What century was the industrial rev 18th century
What was the first industry to be affected by the industrial revolution Textiles
What was the enclosure movement A movement where public space could be sold off to farmers for farmland
What was the agricultural revolution A time period that increased crop productivity in the late 18th early 19th century
What caused the population increase in the 1700s Because death rate began to fall with germ theory
Henry bessmer Steelmaker whos steelmaking techniche revolutionized the way to make steel. Called the
Major changes in the textile industry, transportation, building materials, farming, production Textile: Spinning Jenny Transport: Steam engine Building mats: Steel Farming- Seed drill Production- Factories
Domestic System Merchants would put out materials for workers who wanted to work.
Domestic system vs the factory system- how did new inventions serve as a catalyst for the dominance of factories? Because machines were so much more efficient and couldn't be found at home.
Who predominantly worked in factories? Children and lower/ working class adults
What were the conditions for factory workers? Very poor. Worked 14 hours a day 6 days a week in hot sweaty factories
Positive and negatives of urbanization Positive- Education, and economic development Negative - Places stress on existing infrastructure
Capitalism Free market - The government doesn't control the economy much and lets it do what it wants
Socialism The economy should be 100 percent regulated by the government and the community as a whole
Adam Smith Loved capitalism- big fan
Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Big fans on socialism
Marx’s vision for the proletariat Economic wealth shared by all
According to Marx, what has been the source of all conflict in human history? What was his proposed solution? Exploitation of one class or another
Labor unions Make decisions affecting the conditions of their work
How did the Industrial Revolution create more rigid gender roles? Women would earn less than men, they would come home and housewife, they would have worse education
standard of living Wealth, comfort, necessities, ect
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