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Actuator A type of component that changes an energy into motion. Motors are a type of electrical actuator.
Anode The positive end of a diode (remember that an LED is a type of diode).
Boolean A datatype that indicates something binary.
Cathode The negative end of a diode.
Debugging The process of going through a circuit or code, and finding errors (also referred as “bugs”), until the expected behavior is achieved.
Function A block of code that executes a specific task.
IDE Stands for “Integrated Development Environment”. The Arduino IDE for example, is the place where you write software to upload to an Arduino bard.
Library Its a software extension of the Arduino API that expands the functionality of a program.
Microcontroller The brains of the Arduino, this is a small computer that you will program to listen for, process, and display information.
Object An instance of a library; e.g. when using the Servo library, were you to create an instance named myServo, myServo would be the object.
Power Supply A source of energy, usually a battery, transformer, or even the USB port of your computer. Comes in many varieties such as regulated or unregulated, AC or DC. Usually the voltage is specified, along with the maximum current the supply can deliver before f
Psuedocode A bridge between writing in a computer programming language and using natural speech. When creating pseudocode, it’s helpful to write in short declarative statements.
Sensor A component that measures one form of energy (like light or heat or mechanical energy) and converts it to voltage or current.
Serial Plotter Monitor A tool built in to the Arduino IDE allowing sending and receiving serial data to and from a connected board.
Sketch The term given to programs written in the Arduino IDE.
USB Stands for Universal Serial Bus. It’s a generic port that is standard on most computers today. With a USB cable, it’s possible to program and power an Arduino over a USB connection.
VIN A label used to indicate the input pin for the voltage to the Arduino/Genuino board when it’s using an external power source (as opposed to 5 volts from the USB connection or other regulated power source). You can supply voltage through this pin, or, if s
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