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A state imposed tax on voters as a prerequisite for registration Poll Tax
A primary election in which any registered voter can participate in the contest, regardless of the party affiliation Open Primary
The interest group practice of combining campaign contributions from several sources into one larger contribution from the group, so as to increase the group's impact on the candidate Bundling
A meeting held by a political party to select delegates for the county convention and to submit resolutions to the party's state platform Precinct Convention
A procedure that allows voters to cast ballots during the two week period before the regularly scheduled election date Early Voting
Political money where the donors of the money do not have to be disclosed Dark Money
The committee responsible for governing a party's activities throughout the state State Executive Committee
Primary election in which only white voters were allowed to participate White Primary
A party document, written at a national or state convention, that contains party philosophy, principles, and positions on issues Platform
Important legislation passed in order to ensure that African Americans would be granted the right to vote Voting Right's Act
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