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Chapter 9

Inaugurate- to swear in or induct into office in a formal ceremony
Cabinet- a group of department heads who serve as the president’s chief advisers
Tariff- a tax on imported goods
Neutral- not siding with one country or another
Foreign Policy- relations with other governments
Political Party a group of people that try to promote its ideas to influence government
Jay’s Treaty- Britain agreed to pay for damages done to U.S. ships and its cargo
Pinckney’s Treaty gave Americans the right to travel on the Mississippi River
Treaty of Greenville- a treaty that tribes signed surrendering to give part of today’s land of Ohio and Indiana to the gov
Federal Judiciary Act- Set up the court system and gave the supreme court (6 members)
Alien & Sedition Acts Gave the President the power to arrest or deport immigrants ) violated the 1st amendment)
French Revolution The french launched a rebellion against their gov. For liberty and equality Hamiltons side: Trade with Britain was too important to risk Jefferson’s side: A move to crush the French the Revolution was on the attack on liberty everywhere
Whiskey Rebellion- A protest against the government’s tax on Whiskey, which was valuable to the livelihood of backcountry farmers.
XYZ Affair XYZ demanded a bribe form the U.S. in order to stop the attacks on U.S. ships ( we declined and people wanted to go to war)
States’ Rights - rights citizens have that the Federalist gov couldn’t violate
List two precedents that Washington set. a. He left after his 2nd term without anyone telling him to b. Strong government
What were the three parts of the Hamilton financial plan? National Bank, Raise government revenues, and pay off all war debt
What advice did Washington give in his farewell address? He warned that having Political parties could weaken the gov
Why did Washington consider it important to put down the Whiskey Rebellion? if he didn't, it might undermine the new government and weaken its authority. ... they found it in a theory that the federal government could not violate.
Created by: harlowse
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