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Who lived in the New World first? Native Americans
Who settled in South Carolina first? English
Who first instituted slavery? English
Where was slavery first instituted? Barbados
Who was involved in the slave trade? slaves, planters from South Carolina and people from other colonies
How were slaves brought to South Carolina? on crowded ships
What was the slave trade? slaves being bought by planters in South Carolina and people from other colonies
What were the people who owned large plantations called? planters
Who worked on plantations? slaves
Who made planters rich? Slaves from West and Central Africa, enslaved people from Barbados and other islands in the West Indies
What role did the African Americans play in developing plantation economy (the way money was made)? They grew sugar and rice fields which made the English men rich.
What does it mean to be enslaved? made into someone else’s property and forced to do hard labor with no personal gain
What did enslaved people have to do? they were forced to do what their owners said
What made English settlers’ plantation system successful? slave labor, rice, indigo, and sugar plantations
How were slaves brought to South Carolina? chained together below decks for weeks on very crowded and unsanitary
Slavery was first instituted or brought to Barbados. Where were slaves taken after being taken to Barbados? Charleston
What dominated the culture of the low country and eventually the culture of all South Carolina? the institution of slavery
What was the slave trade? a process of buying and selling slaves
What took plcae at a slave auctions? slaves were looked over, or inspected by people who were going to purchase them and sold to the person who placed the highest bid
What is the best way to describe the daily life of a slave? hard work, doing household chores, long hours in the fields and gardens that benefited the plantation owner, not the worker
What jobs were male slaves allowed to perform? 1. a person who steered boats through shipping ports 2. a person who made barrels 3. a person who built homes, fences, and dikes4. a person who steered boats through shipping ports 5. farm worker6. craftsmen 7
What jobs were female slaves allowed to perform? 1. nanny 2. maid 3. house servant 4. field worker
What were two jobs that a slave was NOT allowed to perform? 1. teacher 2. lawyer 3. judge 4. plantation owner
What important contribution did the enslaved African Americans bring with them from West Africa to make the economy (the way money was made)? the knowledge of how to grow rice and the tools needed to grow rice
What crop from African American slaves became known as “Carolina Gold”? Rice
Why was rice called “Carolina Gold”? because it made planters rich
What led to the Gullah culture? the blending of African traditions
What interesting things make up the Gullah culture? music, stories and art forms, such as sweetgrass basket weaving
What kinds of food do we enjoy today that was brought here by enslaved Africans? okra, gumbo, yams, hoppin’ john, and the technique of frying food
What did the laws of Stono Rebellion state? Slave owners had to treat their slaves better, owners had to give their slaves enough food and clothing, they could not punish slaves harshly as they did before
What was the Stono Rebellion? this rebellion was an example of violence much like a riot that was quickly put down, participating slaves were executed and a new set of laws was passed in South Carolina to control slaves
What did enslaved people do to resist against white authority? sabotage tools, work slowly, run away or rebel, demonstrate violence, such as the Stono Rebellion
How did African Americans keep their culture alive? 1.Through music-it was a way for them to express their feelings 2. food-they cooked as they had done in Africa 3. dances and music, 4. clothing-they dressed like they had in Africa
What was valuable to the wealth of the lowcountry planters in SC? slave labor
Why were slaves important to the wealth of SC planters? because slaves knew how to grow rice
What crop was the main source of plantation economic growth and wealth? rice
What was the main way to sell slaves? Slave trade/ slave auction
What happened to the slaves that participated in the Stono Rebellion? slaves were executed and a new set of rules were put into place to control slaves
What is the blending of different African cultures called? the Gullah culture
Describe two examples of what life was like for settlers in the backcountry. hard workers that were poor, had to grow crops to eat and sell, were attacked by the Yemassee, and were not social.
List three examples of how the slave trade worked. Slaves were brought in on crowded ships, were inspected for disease and good health, colonists mad a bid, slaves were sold to the highest bidder
Describe four things about daily life for slaves. slaves were forced to work from sun up to sun down in fields doing chores, they were given very little food or clothing, they weren't allowed to go anywhere without a pass,they kept their culture alive after working by singing spirtuals, dancing to music
Dr. Henry Woodward may have been one of the first people in SC to grow rice and trade fur with the Native
Describe two ways slaves resisted against their owners. they worked slowly, ran away, stole things, sabataged tools
Describe two ways slaves kept their African culture alive. they kep their culture alive by playing music, cooking food, wear clothes, making baskets, and and using thier own language
Why did the colonists ask for a royal government to take over the colony? because the Lord's Proprietors did not protect them from the native american attacks
Describe two ways slaves cared for rice plantations. African kids scared away the birds, they grew and harvested the crops
Describe the Huguenots. rich elite people from France that moved to the SC for religious freedom and land. They started the Social Society.
What was the cause of the Yemassee War? the settlers took Beaufort.
Why did people from barbados come to South Carolina? to start a settlement or claim the land, and get rich from cash crops
Who were the first rulers or people to settle in SC? (They took the land from the native americans and claimed it.) the Lord's Proprietors from England 9The English0
What did the Lords Proprietors offer to settlers if they moved to the New World? Free land, Religious Freedom, and Free slaves
what would an abolitionist in the mid 1800's probably say? free slaves...end slavery....
What are the main reason SC seceded from the Union? 1)They thought their state's rights were being taken away 2) They feared Abraham Lincoln was going to end slavery.
Where did most people live in the early 1800's? Small farms and large plantations
What war took place in Charleston at fort Sumter between the North and the South? The Civil War
Which two groups of people fought against each other during the Civil War? The South (Confederate states) and the North ( Union states)
Who won the Civil War? The Union
Who was president of the Union? Abraham Lincoln
Who was elected president of the Confederate States? Jefferson Davis
Who believed SC had a right to state's rights? John C. Calhoun
Who was the slave that steered himself and others to freedom because he was asked to steer the CSS Planter during the Civil War? Robert Smalls
Who was the Union's General during the Civil War? Ulysses Grant
Who was the Confederate's General during the Civil War? Robert E. Lee
What major city was the capital of SC? Charleston
What city became the capital of SC during the middle of the 1700s? Columbia
Why did the Union navy blockade Charleston Harbor? 1)to stop the south from trading with Europe 2)to keep ships from coming in or out 3) to keep the south from getting supplies
What happened in SC after the Stono Rebeliion? SC passed laws to restrict or control slaves
What rebellious activity did slaves engage in that caused them to be executed and forced white southerns in SC to pass more laws to restrict black slaves' activities. the Stono Rebellion
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