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Chapter 1 SS

Grade 7 Social Studies

Saquama leader of the Mi'kmaq
Council of Elders group of respected people that chose and advise Mi'kmaq people.
Grand Council a council for all seven districts
Hunting Grounds a region for hunting.
nomadic The people moved seasonally(weather) which allowed them to make the best use of resources(plants and animals) of their land.
dodem a clan of Anishinabe
ogimauh a leader of the Anishinabe
consensus agreement by everyone
Midewin Society men and women who had special gifts as spiritual leaders and healers.
Wampum belt shell beads woven into belts or strings used to record treaties and other agreements among different nations.
clan mothers female leaders in Haudenosaunee society
Hoyaneh Haudenosaunee leader
Great Law of Peace the Constitution of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy
alliance an agreement among a group of nations to act together to support each other's interest
Symbol of Great White Pine Tree commitment of the Haudenosaunee to peace
wigwam building made of poles and sheets of bark
government a group of people that makes decisions (rules/laws) for the community
longhouse the traditional dwelling/house of the Iroquois
First Nations aboriginal, indigenous peoples of the land
Created by: lisafeld
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