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#Social Studies 6

#Social Studies Grade 6 Module 2 A Changing America TEST REVIEW

What is a fast economic or population growth? boom
What is a workers' group that fights for better working conditions? labor union
What was a time of rebuilding for the nation after the Civil War? Reconstruction
What is an area set aside for only Native Americans? reservation
What is a crowded, poorly built apartment building? tenement
What were the workers who farmed land owned by other people called? sharecroppers
Which industry hired thousands of Chinese and Irish immigrants to work in the West? the railroad industry
What does the term reservation mean? an area of land set aside for Native Americans
What was a place that provided food, health care, and classes for immigrants? settlement houses
What is a reformer? someone who tries to change things
Who founded Hull House Settlement House in 1889? Jane Addams
Who opened Henry Street Settlement in New York Settlement? Lillian Wald
What was the Great Immigration? when many African Americans moved from the South to Northern and Midwestern cities
What was the law that kept out all Chinese from coming to America for 10 years? Chinese Exclusion Act
What was the Freedmen's Bureau? gave food and supplies to formerly enslaved people
What is a skyscraper? a very tall building that could be so tall because they used iron in the construction
What is petroleum? oil
What is the name of the iron ore range that was discovered in 1887 west of Lake Superior? Mesabi Range
Who was famous for building refineries near Cleveland that produced oil?
What was Thomas Alva Edison famous inventing? the light bulb
Who went to England and brought back to America a new way of making steel? Andrew Carnegie
Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
Who built the first central power station and a type of light bulb? Lewis Lattimer
What is it called when labors withhold their labor to get more money and better working conditions? a strike
What is the name of the island in New York Harbor that was used to process immigrants from Europe trying to enter American? Ellis Island
What is the name of the island in San Francisco Bay that was used to process immigrants from Asia? Angel Island
What were the Black Codes? laws passed by Southern Legislatures after the Civil War to treat blacks badly
Which Amendment assured voting rights for African American men Amendment to the Constitution was passed to protect equal citizenship rights? Fourteenth Amendment
Which Amendment to the Constitution stopped slavery? Thirteenth Amendment
What was the Johnson Reconstruction Plan (sometimes called the Lincoln Plan}? a plan not to not treat the Southern States too harshly as they rejoin the Union
What was the Congressional Plan to allow the South to rejoin the Union? a harsh plan that wanted to punish the South severely as they rejoined the Union
Who was Hiram R. Revels and Blanche K. Bruce? the first American Americans to be voted into the Senate
Who were freedmen? people who had been previously slaves
What happened to state taxes to Southern States as they had to rebuild their economy after the war? taxes were increased
What was a way of voting that did not allow anyone to know how a person voted? secret ballad
What is segregation? the practice of keeping people of different races separated
When did President Hayes pull all soldiers out of Soutern States? 1877
What did Booker T. Washington think would provide more opportunities for African Americans? education
What is a person who searches for gold, silver, or other mineral resources? prospector
What is a time of fast economic decline? a bust
What did Congress do to opened the Great Plains to settlement in 1862? passed the Homestead Act which gave free land to settlers
What does the Spanish word "vaqueros" mean? cowboys
What did Samuel Gompers do? started a labor union
Who was General George Armstrong Custer? American general who along with his troops were mascaraed by the Sioux and their allies at Little Bighorn
Who was Chief Joseph? a Nez Perce chief who led his tribe on a long journey rather than be forced by the Army onto a reservation
Who was Sitting Bull? Sioux chief who led the attack that massacred General Custer and his troops
Who was Crazy Horse? fought beside Sitting Bull at the Battle of the Little Bighorn
What did the Fifteenth Amendment do? prohibits federal government and each state from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen's right to vote based on race, color, or previous conditions of servitude
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