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# Social Studies 6

# Social Studies Grade 6 Module 2 Changing Nation Lesson 3 New Industries

What is a transcontinental railroad? A railroad that crosses the continental linking the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
What is a skyscraper? A new kind of building that used a steel frame that allowed the building that be higher than before
What is petroleum? Oil
What is a labor union? A workers' group that fights for better working conditions
What is a strike? When workers refuse to work
What is collective bargaining? Allows employers and workers to agree on working conditions
Who was Andrew Carnegie? While visiting England he saw a new method of making steel stronger being used and he brought that method back to America
Who was John D. Rockefeller Set up an oil refinery near Cleveland
Who was Thomas Alva Edison? Opened a laboratory in New Jersey that invented many invention including the phonograph
Who was Lewis Latimer? African American was one of the engineers who worked with Thomas Alva Edison who built the first central power station and invented the first carbon filament light bulb
Who was Alexander Graham Bell? Invented the telephone and started the first telephone company
Who was Samuel Gompers? Jewish labor leader who founded the American Federation of Labor
What makes Promontory important? The city in Utah where the Continental Railroad linked the East Coast to the West Coast
What makes Mesabi Range important? An area West of Lake Superior where iron was discovered that helped the steel industry
What makes Cleveland important? Where Rockefeller established the first oil refinery and other industries followed his lead
What makes Chicago? City that became the the home to many immigrants who came for industrial jobs and work in meat packaging
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