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# Social Studies 6

#Social Studies Grade 6 Module 3 Changing Nation Lesson 2 The Last Frontier

What is a prospector? Someone who is looking for gold or other mineral resources
What is a boom? A time of fast economic or population growth
What is a bust? A time of fast economic decline
What are homesteader? People who moved to the West after the government gave 160 acres of land if they would move to it and improve the land
What are reservations? Land set aside for Native Americans to live on and then forced them to live there
Who was Nate Love? Was a well-known African American cowhand
Who was George Armstrong Custer? American general who led his troops into a massacre of himself and all of his troops by the Sioux and their allies
Who was Sitting Bull? Sioux chief who led the attack on General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn
Who was Chief Joseph? Chief of the Nez Perce who led his tribe on a forced march to Canada rather than move to a reservation
Who was Geronimo? Apache chief who fought the US soldiers in the Southwest and often won these battles
What was Abilene known for? City in Kansas that was the end of one of the cattle drive
What is Little Bighorn known for? Where the Sioux and their allies massacred General Custer and his troops
What was Orgalla known for? City in Nebraska that was the end of one of the cattle drive
What was Cheyenne known for? A city in Wyoming that was the end of one of the cattle drives
What was discovered in California in 1849? Gold
What was discovered in 1859 at Comstock, Nevada? Silver
What is a "vaqueros"? Spanish word for "cowboys"
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