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History: Roman Ampi

What is an ampitheatre? An open circular or oval building with a central space surrounded by tiered seating.
Who usually fought in an amphitheater? Gladiators (slaves, usually captured soldiers)
The most popular form of entertainment was gladiator fights. True or false? True
Where were amphitheater’s located? In almost every major Roman city
What was the most famous amphitheater? The Colosseum in Rome
How many people could the Colosseum hold? Over 50,000 spectators in tiered seating
What other feature did the Colosseum have? A canopy, to protect people from the sun
How was the seating arranged? It was strictly arranged by social status and gender. Patrician men-> Plebeian men-> Foreign men-> Patrician and plebeian women and slaves at the very back.
Who were gladiators? Gladiators were usually former soldiers captured in battle and sold as slaves.
How did gladiators dress? In very different styles
How did they train? They trained in special schools
How were they treated by ordinary romans? Like modern day sports stars
How were they different to each other? Each gladiator would be best at using one set of weapons
Retiarius A gladiator who would use a trident and net
Murmillo A gladiator who used a soldiers shield and sword
How often would they fight to the death? What was the reason? They rarely fought to the death because they were expensive to buy, train and feed that their owners wanted a longer return on their investment. So they just fought till one was too badly injured to continue.
Apart from gladiator fights, what else was held in amphitheaters? -Fights between people and exotic wild animals -Executions of criminals -Myths and legends acted out for the crowd -Mock sea battles
Created by: KMcBride007
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