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History: Roman baths

Caldarium The hot room, almost like a sauna
Tepidarium The medium heat room
Frigidarium The cold water bath
Did every Roman town have public baths? Yes
Why were the baths popular? -Bathing was very important to the romans, and since most homes didn’t have running water, it was the easiest way to stay clean. - People also met friends, did business and exchanged news (aka social activities)
Did men and women go in the baths at the same time? No, most baths had separate areas for men and women but smaller ones just had separate bathing times.
What was the usual cleansing routine at the baths? First, they rubbed oil into their skin, then worked up a sweat in the caldarium and then used a wooded strigil to scrape their skin, removing dry skin and dirt with the oil.
Palaestra The exercise yard
What other things could you do at the baths? Go to rooms where massages or food was available
Strigil A blunt, wooden (or brass or any other metal that was available) hooked knife shaped thing
Created by: KMcBride007