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I am the best man to lead the Massachusetts Bay Colony-After all, I led about a thousand puritan to North America. WHO AM I? John Winthrop
In our colony, we will not separate our colonial government from our faith. WHO AM I? John Winthrop
I believe we should pay Native Americans from the land we have taken from them. WHO AM I? Roger Williams
We will not pay Native Americans for the land we have taken from them. WHO AM I? John Winthrop
I will not return to England-I will found a new colony where government and religion will separate. WHO AM I? Roger Williams
People with all religion can come to Rhode Island and live without persecution. WHO AM I? Roger Williams
No other religious besides our own, will be tolerated in our colony. WHO AM I? John Winthrop
I was the admiral of the French fleet that helped defeat the a British army at the battle of Yorktown. We sailed into the Chesapeake Bay, trapped the British army, and prevented British ship from delivering supplies. WHO AM I? Admiral Comte de Grasse
I was considered and American hero after the battle of Saratoga, but when I got caught helping the British capture West Point, I joined the British army and quickly became a general. I led the British into Virginia and capture Richmond. WHO AM I? Benedict Arnold
Madison advocated a ______________ legislature and hoped that the membership would be apportioned ____________. Bicameral and population
James Madison served in the______ A) Continental Congress B) Confederation Congress C) Both Congresses Both Congresses
This colony was founded when Charles II granted a large land grant to a group of English landholders. These landholders began shipping slaves and servants to the colony to work as laborers on the rice plantations. A) Virginia B) Maryland C) Carolina Carolina
Why didn't the government supply enough food and equipment to the Continental Army? Congress did not have power to raise taxes to pay for them
Which was NOT a part of America's war debt? A) Foreign debt owed to European governments B) Debt owed to America citizens C) Debt owed to native Tribes D) Debt owed to the states Debt owed to Native Tribes
The 1830s saw the emergence of a distinctly American school of philosophy known as transcendentalism. The acknowledged leader of this school was a daringly original thinker and former Unitarian minister,_________ Ralph Waldo Emerson
American settlers angered Mexican officials by refusing to convert to Catholicism and violating the Mexican ban on Slavery
Who helped open up Texas to settlement by receiving a land grant from the Mexican government and selling tracts to American settlers? Stephen Austin....AUSTIN, TEXAS....
Texans' rebellion against Santa Anna's dictatorial rule came to a head when Texas militiamen and Mexican troops fought a small battle in the town of Gonzales
The Goliad Massacre became a rallying point for the Texans who, under the command of Sam Houston, ambushed and defeated Santa Anna's troops along the San Jacinto River
What term describes the idea that it was God's plan for the United States to expand across the continent? Manifest Destiny
Which group of settlers left Illinois to avoid persecution, had a difficult journey along barren lands, and settled successfully in the Salt Lake Basin region? Mormons
What U.S. president took office in 1845 with the intention of gaining additional U.S. territory, including New Mexico and California? James Polk
Which was NOT part of the treaty ending the Mexican-American War in 1848? The Nucleus River became the border between Mexico and Texas.
Many Americans were against the war with Mexico because they beleived it was an attempt by Southern Democrats to add new ____________ territories to the Union Slave
The decision by the Texas Congress to accept America's offer of ___________ could be considered the first step toward war with Mexico. annexation
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