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CHA BTEC Hydration

Hydration & Nutrition/ Performance

Dehydration Is a harmful reduction in the amount of fluid in the body. It occurs when fluid loss excess fluid intake
Signs and symptoms of Dehydration Thirst, Dizziness, Headaches, Dry mouth, Poor concentration and rapid heart rate
RDI Recommended Daily Intake
How much is the RDI? 2 Litres of Fluid a day
Benefits on hydration 3 Thinner blood plasma
When exercising we drink how many more litres of water? 1 per hour (moderate to high intensity)
37 Degrees Core Temperature
Recommended percentage intake of macronutrients 50-60% Carbs, 30% Fat, 12-15% Protein
Carbohydrate Loading Increasing Carbohydrates 4 days before performance, to ensure performer can last longer
Rest day on Carb Loading The day before performance
Pre-Event This is the night before and the first few hours the next day before the event
During The Event This is when the person is exercising or during the break of the match/performance
Post - Event The first two hours immediately after the competition or training
Bowl Emptying Consuming foods that are high in Fibre in order to help the process of.....
Benefit of hydration 2 Joints are more lubricated
Benefit of hydration 1 Temperature control is easier
effects of dehydration on performance Deterioration of ability, Slows performance, possible injury, possible substitution or withdrawal from event.
benefit of temperature control cooler body temperature allows performance to continue
benefit of lubricated joints less chance of injury, more flexible and performance can continue
benefits of thinner plasma transportation of oxygen and nutrients around the body to working muscles is more efficient therefore performance will improve
Created by: MissGriffithsPE
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