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Civil war history

King Cotton Slogan of south secessionists to claim feasibility; nickname for cotton huge cash crop in lower south
Upper south diverse culture not necessarily dependent on slavery; Maryland Virginia, Nroth Carolina
Industrialization in the south Economic change, migration, immigration, population growth; light industry moved offshore-replaced by auto manufacturers, tourism, energy production
Social Groups in the south Planter elites, yeoman farmers, poor freemen
Internal Slave Trade Domestic slave trade among colonies in 1760 as a source of labor in early America; started w/ Native American to importing slaves from Africa
Characteristics of Slavery Hideous labor pushed onto someone else; slaves 1/3 of population; lived on farms or plantations; masters owned less than 50, sought to make them dependent on them and had restrictive code
Slave Resistance Slave resisted bondage in a variety of ways (active & passive); slaves acts of resistance as an attempt to claim freedom, less defined as property
Slave Rebellions Armed uprising by slaves, lesson on African desire for Liberty; Largest slave revolt ever in 13 colonies was Stono Rebellion
Immigration early 1800's Came f/ northern and Western Europe; southern and Eastern Europe brought most most important forces in American life
Alamo Former Franciscan mission in San AntonioMexican force seized the fort against Texans; 13 day battle; symbol of heroic resistance and oppresion
Texas 1820's
Whig Party platform 1833-1856, center-right, emerged in opposition to Andrew Jackson, former members of the National Republican, anti-Masonic and disaffected democrats
Manifest Destiny Doctrine/belief that expansion of US territory through continents was justified and inevitable
Wilmot Proviso An unsuccessful 1846 to band slavery in territory acquired from Mexico in the mex-amer war; major event led to us civil war
John C Calhoun/Slavery in Mexican cession F/ Democratic Party, 7th VP, SC political theorist; known for strongly defending slavery;
Popular Sovereignty Allowing the people in the territory to vote whether or not they want slavery
Compromise of 1850 Stephen Douglas broke down into five parts to present to congress
1860 Presidential Election Lincoln wins as republican
Fugitive Slave Act slave owner seize runaway slaves; denied trials and opportunity to show evidence of freedom. Reinforced racism and slavery
Know Nothing Party Anti-immigrant, believed in nativism; formerly American party
Uncle Tom's Cabin written by Stowe, a direct response to fugitive slave law
Kansas Nebraska Act Allowed each territory to decide issue of slavery on basis of popular sovereignty
Harper's Ferry John Brown takes over a federal arsenal and hopes to arm the slaves and start a revolution. He’s caught and hanged for treason, becomes a martyr to the abolitionist movement
Preston Brooks Politician from SC; democrat, strong advocate of slavery and states rights
Republican Party Platform Generally based on conservatism; economics- republicans oppose increased min wage and estate tax; support free market and individual achievement
Crittenden Plan MO compromise bring back, extend to Pacific; final attempt to bring peace
Conscription 18-35 drafted for three years, large slaveholders exempt, rich could buy subs; financing war difficult, print money, S=prices up 9000%,N=117%, 2% Killed
Confederacy League/alliance of southern confederate states
Civil War/Inflation Economic value of slaves exceeded invested values of nation's railroads, factories and banks combined; Inflation =North 80%, South complete loss
Part 1 of 1850 Compromise CA enters as a free state
Antietam- Sept 1862 Lee invaded MD, wars bloodiest battle; Lincoln claims victory for the north moral issue of slavery into the conflict
Emancipation Proclamation All slaves in rebelling states will be free Jan 1, 1863; no slaves freed
Results of the Civil War collapse of slavery, legality of secession denied and nation indivisible
Lincoln's 10% Plan reconstruction plan, wanted rebel states brought back, 10% ppl vote take oath loyal to fed gov't; navy/army confed need pardon
New Amendments post-Civil War 13th- prohibits slavery, 14th- citizenship to all born in US, 15th- prohibited denial of suffrage to black men
Thaddeus Stevens Led Radical Republicans (HOR); 40 acres and a mule law ..was not passed
Johnson/Impeachment Andrew Johnson 17th president, impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors " detailed in 11 articles of impeachment
Carpetbaggers a person from the northern states who went to the South after the Civil War to profit from the Reconstruction.
Scalawags white Southerner who collaborated w/ N Republicans during Reconstruction for personal profit; white Southern Democrats opposed Reconstruction legislation
Black Codes laws constricted newly freed blacks
Sharecropping renting land f/ owner to farm,share 1/2 crop growth w/ landowner
Enforcement Acts 3- gives civil rights attempt to protect, black voters
Election of 1876 R-Hayes D-Tildan; congress creates a commission of both parties, Compromise of 1877
Compromise of 1877 Hayes gets presidency, all federal troops pull out of south, republicans provide financial help to south
Border Ruffians Pro slavery activists forced acceptance of slavery when crossed border into Kentucky to vote illegally
Jefferson Davis First and only president of confederacy; moved Capitol to Richmond
Conscription Act 18=35 drafted for 3 years; large slaveholders exempt, rich buy subs; print more $ caused inflation; S up 9000%, N up 117%- 2% killed
Robert E Lee Confederate General
Ulysses S Grant Union General; 1868 President
Lower South Dependent on cash crops, cotton, sugar cane, dependent on slavery; South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Texas
Planters 20+slaves owned, plantations, agriculture, cash crops
Small slaveholders 20 or less slaves owned, made up 88% of all slaveowners
Yoeman 0 slaves owned, family farmer, largest group of white southerners
Pine Barrows Folk Lived in the woods, squatters, that built rustic cabins , sell-sufficient, 10% of white southerners
Nat Turner's Rebellion 1831- in Southampton, VA,; One of the more successful slave rebellions, 60 whites killed; largest in US history
Fugitive resistance A secretive form of resistance to make slavery more bare able like arson, poisoning food, refusal to work
Peculiar Institution Described by historians slavery in the south, post revolution
Gettysburg July 1-3 1863 Lee hoped to invade North, stopped at Gettysburg - Union victory
Fall of Atlanta Sept 1864
Confederates pushed out of Richmond, VA April 1865
Appomattox Court House April 9, 1865- Lee surrenders to Grant
April 14th 1865 Lincoln assassinated by John Wilkes Boothe at Ford Theatre (DC)
Total War Tactics used by _______________ to smash his way through General Sherman
Martial Law Military government, involves suspension of ordinary law; in occupied territory by military authority; military forces replacing civilian law
Writ of Habeas Corpos States that you must be charged w/ something w/in a period of time being arrested; Lincoln starts in order to arrest ppl of the Baltimore riots
Antietam Battle Spet 1862, Lee invaded MD; wars bloodiest battle; North wins Lincoln's goals change
Lincoln originally wanted WAR TO ____ __ ________; After Antietam moral issues of _____________ into conflict. Preserve the union, slavery (hoped to bring in help of France and England)
Ex Parte Merryman Contests presidents power to suspend "writ of habeas corpus during a national emergency
NYC draft Riots July 1863 riots against the draft, mainly because people didn't want to fight or blacks
______________ was problematic because north afraid convert to south because DC would be ________________ ________________ Maryland, confederate states
Neuces river what Mexico declared as the southern border of Texas instead of the Rio Grande as the Americans think
Radical Republicans Helped free slaves, wanted to punish south; stop KKK and protect blacks f/ them
40 acres and a mule Thaddeus wanted to take land out 40 acres and give to former slaves
Part 2 of 1850 compromise Utah and NM split into two territories and pop Soviet decides slavery
Part 3 of 1850 compromise Settle boundary dispute between TX and NM
Part 4 of 1850 Compromise abolishing slave trade in DC because it disturbed Northerners and too close to White House
Part 5 of 1850 compromise A new fugitive slave law- strict, allowed southern slaveholders to go into north and claim any blacks their slave w/o proof
Created by: Gmtassa23
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