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Civil War

U.S. History Civil War Test Prep

Who was the person related to debates on the US prison system? Dorothea Dix
Who was the dude that took pictures of the dead at Gettysburg Matthew Brady
Who was the guy who was that was 18 and got a bullet in his head Jacob Miller
Who was the guy who raided a southern arms base in Harper's Ferry Virginia and killed a bunch of people John Brown
Dredd Scott Case Said that even though he was in the north he had to be sent back to the south
Name a few of the positives and negatives for each side Name a few of the positives and negatives for each side
Significance of the battle of Antietam First real northern victory when south tried to invade, allowed Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation
Why did the democrats lose the presidential race of 1860? They had two people running and their votes got split, bloodiest single day
Battle of Gettysburg significance South tried to invade north again and failed, lot of bloodshed, Lincoln issued the Gettysburg address after this
Manassas Junction/ 1st battle of bull run significance Bunch of rich people from D.C. came to watch the battle, led confederates to believe they were about to win the war and they laid off
What is total war Winning as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to stop more overall bloodshed
Costs of the war? 600,000 dead 1,000,000 killed or wounded Interrupted lives Monetary costs Southern land destroyed North emerged economically strong 1st millionaire class
Who was Stephen Douglas? Beat Lincoln for Senator in race of 1858, lost 1860 election, drafted Kansas-Nebraska act
Who was Frederick Douglass? Escaped slave turned abolitionist, writer and speaker
Who was John Polk? President during Mexican war
What was the Wilmot Proviso? It prohibited slavery in all territories gained from the Mexican war
Election of 1856 James Buchanan beat out John Fremont who was the first republican runner
Election of 1848 Zachary Taylor (Whig), beat out Lewis Cass (Democrat)
Compromise of 1850 California a free state, Utah and New Mexico have popular sovereignty, DC can no longer trade slaves, Fugitive slave act
Kansas Nebraska act Said kansas and nebraska were popular sovereignty and destroyed the Missouri compromise
King Cotton South economy was based on cotton which is trash in war
Uncle toms cabin Widely popular including in europe and convinced Britain to not get involved in war
Abolitionists John Brown, Harriet Beecher Stowe, William Lloyd Garrison
What happened to the free soil party They became the republican party
What did the fugitive slave law cause? The underground railroad and personal liberty laws
Election of 1860 Lincoln won democrats killed themselves
Bleeding Kansas Border war on the edge of Kansas, border ruffians
Who were the border ruffians? Pro slavery people who pushed into Kansas and tried to force slavery into there
What was the souths government type? Oligarchy
Fort Sumter People from the north at the fort needed ppl to swtitch spots with them and bring supplies in, south said they would shoot if they did
Who was Jefferson Davis? He was the president of the Confederacy
Importance of Lincoln's inaugural address It stayed on the side of the border states to make sure they didn't secede
Why was there so many causalities in the war? Advanced weapons but old tactics
Emancipation proclamation Said slaves in seceded states were free but not in border states
Battle of Atlanta? Battle near Atlanta in Sherman's march to sea, saved Lincoln and allowed him to win the election again
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