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Unit 6

Review for Manifest Destiny Unit

Manifest Destiny Idea that it is the God-given right of the United States to expand Westward and control from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Ended the Mexican American War. Resolved border of Texas and gave land that would become California, Arizona, New Mexico, etc. to the United States
"Fifty-four Forty or Fight" Slogan used by those who wanted to annex the entirety of the Oregon Territory
Forty-Niners Nickname of those who went to California in search of gold.
cede to give up
annex to add territory to a country
Columbia One of the personifications of the United States
James Polk Ran for President with a highly pro-Manifest Destiny message
Rio Grande During the border dispute with Mexico, Texas and the United States claimed their territory extended to this river
Catholicism In exchange for cheap land and not having to pay taxes for 10 years, settlers in Texas had to become Mexican citizens, obey Mexican laws and convert to this religion.
slavery this issue caused arguments over westward expansion as people worried the balance of power in the Senate would be upset.
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