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Social Studies Vocab

Hebrews A member of the Semitic people inhabiting ancient Palestine and claiming descent from Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob
Torah The first five books in the Christianity bible
Abraham Founder of the Hebrews and his son, Isacc, is the founder of the Arab People
Moses A Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites out of egyptian slavery
Solomon Sone of David and king of the 10th century
Covenant An agreement
Prophet A person that practices a religion and then teaches it to other people
Sabbath A day of religious observance from work kept by Jews from Friday evening to Saturday evening
Synangogue A building where a Jewish assembly meets for a religious worshinp and instruction
Messiah A savior or liberator of group of people
Baptized A christian rite of admission where god dips a baby in to holy water
Disciples A personal follower of Jesus during his life
Diaspora The dispersion of Jews beyond Isreal
Talmud Where the code of Jewish law comes from
Gentile Not Jewish
Rabbi A jewish scholar or teacher that studies or teaches Jewish law
Parables A story that is used to explain a moral, or lesson as told by jesus in the gospels
Paul A christian missionary to the gentiles
Theodosius the Great A roman emporer from 379-395 and was the last emporer to rule over bother the eastern and western Roman Empire
Hadith Traditions that contain of the prophet with accounts of Muhammad's daily practice which constitutes the major source of guidance for Muslims
Imam The person who leads prayers in a mosque
Ka'ab A muslim shrine Mecca where people turn to pray
People of the book Jews and christians as regarded by muslims(How Hews are looked at by Muslims
Ramadan The 9th month of the Muslim year when fasting is taken place from sunrise to sunset
Caliph A Muslim, Civil, and religious ruler, known as the succesor of Muhammad
Five pillars of Faith- Shahadah Profession of faith
Five pillars of Faith- Salat Ritual prayers proper way 5 times everyday
Five pillars of Faith- Zakat Paying tax to benefit the needy and poor
Five pillars of Faith- Sawm Fasting
Five pillars of Faith- Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca
Jihad A struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam
Makkah A city in and the the capital of Hejaz and is also the birthplace of Muhammad and the spiritual center of Islam
Muhammad The Arab prophet who was the last messenger of Allah
Qur'an The central religious text of Islam
Shari'ah An Islamic religious law that governs religious rituals and aspects of day-to-day life
Sunnah The words and actions of Muhammad; the prophet of Islam
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