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Social Studies Ch. 4

Who was Peter Minuit? He gave the Canaries $24 worth of beads and trinkets for Manhattan Island
The oldest European settlement in North America? Jamestown
Who founded Detroit? Antione de La Mothe Cadillac
A mission is? A settlement of religious teachers
A Missionary is? A person sent to teach religion to people of a different faith
A presidio is? A spanish military base on the edge of a settlement
A Trading post is? A place where people trade goods with the people who live in the area.
A frontier is? A newly settled area that separates older settlements from the wilderness.
A Tipi is? A Native American tent made of animal skins.
Who gave the canaries $24 worth of beads and trinkets for Manhattan Island? Peter Minuit
Why did many Spanish settlers come to North America? To get rich from gold
How did the Spaniards protect their settlements from colonizers and Native Americans? They build presidios
Why did Jamestown almost fall? The settlers were unwilling to do the necessary hard labor
Why did some Native Americans dislike Spanish mission life? They didn't want to give up their culture
Why did some Plains Indians change their village location every few months? To follow the buffalo, their source of meat
How did the people of different Plains Indian nations communicate with each other? Through sign language
Why did Peter Minuit want to buy Manhattan? Expand New Netherland so he could make more money for his trading company
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