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How was oil used by early Native Americans? Native Americans traded crude oil that they obtained from oil seeps in upstate New York among other places.
What did Edwin Drake invent? A machine for a purpose of getting oil out of the ground easier.
What did Alexander Graham Bell invent? He invented and patented the first pratical telephone
What did Thomas Edison invent? The incandescent lightbulb.
What did Nikola Tesla invent? Modern alternating current electricity supply system.
What did C.F. Dowd invent? The first person to propose multiple time zones for any country.
How was gasoline first produced/used? Gasoline was actually a byproduct of the refining process of kerosene. It wasn't until 1892, with the invention of the automobile, that gasoline was recognized as a valuable fuel.
What was the Bessemer Process? Developed by Henry Bessemer. Injecting air into molten iron to remove the carbon and transform it into steel.
What items was steel used to make? The railroads, Joseph Gilden's barbed wire and McCormick's and Deere's machines. Steel made innovative construction passing.
How many people were injured or killed while making the railroads and where were they from? In 1882, an average of 675 laborers were killed in work related accidents each week. In 1890, the fatility rate for railroad workers was 1 in 300. Asians and African americans
How were different people paid differently on the railroads As little as 27 cents for a child's 14-hour day. In 1899, for example, women earned an average of $269 a year, nearly half men's average pay $498.
what was life like in the railroad town of Pullman, Illinois? what was available for the workers and what were they not allowed to do? many employees were being laid off and the rest had their wages cut. So the decided to go on strike, Pullman refused to negotiate with the strikers.
What is the importance of Munn V. Illinois (1876) was a united states supreme court case in which which the court upheld the power of state goverments to regulate private industries that affect "the common good"
What is the importance of the Interstate commerce act Established the Interstate commission (ICC) as the first true federal regulatory agency
How did Andrew Carnegie look to make his product better he took existing inventions , adopted them so that they would work for his busisness, and then continued to improve the process so that his products had value
describe the term "laissez faire" a policy or attitude as letting things take their own course, without interfering.
The exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service monopoly
a company created to buy and process the shares of other companies, which then it controls holding company
centuries-old legal agreement trust
an article written written by Andrew Cornegie in June of 1889 Gospel of Wealth
A person who has become rich through ruthless and unscrupulous business practices. Robber Barons
what percentage of girls and boys had to work? How well were they paid? What sacrifices did they have to make? How long did they work? 20% of boys, 10% of girls age5-15 held full time jobs. They often had to work from dawn to dusk, leading to starvation and exhaustion, leading to accidents. Many children laborers had to quit school to work.
In u.s history, a political-action movement that form 1866 to 1873 sought to improve working conditions through legislative reform than through collective bargaining is what NLU
First major American labor union. It was formed in 1869 as a secret society of garment cutters in Philadelphia is what Knights of Labor
Established in 1869, the national labor union, more commonly known as the colored national labor (CNLU), was formed by African americans to organize their labor collectively on a national level, is what CNLU
Is an international labor union that was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois in the united states, is what Industrial workers of the world
Refers to great upheavel, beganon July 14 in Matinsburg, west Virginia, united states after the balitmore and ohio railroad (B&O) cut wages for the third time in a year.This strike finally ended some 45 days later, after it was put down by local and state Great Strike of 1877
Violent confrontation between police and labour protestors in Chicago on May 4, 1886, that became the symbol of international struggle for workers' rights is what Haymarket Affair
A industrial lookout and strike which began on July 1, 1892,culminating in a battle between strikers and private security agents on July 6, 1892. is what Homestead Strike
Was the deadliest industrial disaster in the history of the city, and one of the deadliest U.S. history. Is what Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
describe the differences between vertical integration and horizontal consolidation Horizontal integration occurs between firms whose products and production level are same. Vertical intergration in an integration is an intergration of two firms that operates in different stages manufacturing process.
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