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Life in the Colonies

What early England settlers came to the Americas to start colonies? Pilgrims, Puritans, & Dutch
What were the two region they occupied in America? Mid-Atlanta & the South
What were the two main trades in the North? Wheat and Mining Iron
In the South, what were the two main cash crops? Tobacco and Rice
What did the Dutch colonies started in the 1650s? A colony and trading post
What country captured the Dutch colony and renamed it New York? England
What was the name of the two proprietors that later created the area of New Jersey? George Carteret & John Berkley
William Penn started a colony for the Quakers, what did he called it? Pennsylvania
What was another colony that was created by other Quakers from Pennsylvania? Delaware
The King of England gave who a part of Virginia in 1663? Lord Baltimore
What did Lord Baltimore called that area? Maryland
What was the main religion in Maryland? Catholic Religion
By 1663, what new colony was created in the Americas? Carolina
What happened to Carolina in 1729? It split into North and South Carolina
What new colony was created in America in 1732? Georgia
In early colonial times, what did people of England mainly worked as? Farmers
What did farmer traded their crops mostly for? Tools, salt, guns, & gun powder
Since money didn’t existed, what was used for trading? Barter
What is bartering? The form of trading goods for other goods for needs or personal use
What were jobs mainly based in the North, Middle, and Southern colonies? Land or sea jobs
What were the “Land” jobs in the colonies? Farms, Construction, Markets, or Mining
What were the “Sea” jobs in the colonies? Shipbuilding, Fishing, or Whaling
What did whalers in the Northern colonies make whale oil into for trade? Lamp Oil, Candles, and Perfumes
What are exports in trading with the colonies? Products sold to other countries
What are imports in trading with the colonies? Products that are brought in from other countries
What are materials that are provided by colonists to make goods? Raw Materials
What policy was created during the 1600s and 1700s, for countries to make trade and money? Mercantilism
What slave trade was created by “Mercantilism”? The Triangular Trade
What were the 3 travel sites in the Triangular Trade? (1st) Africa, (2nd) Americas, (3rd) Europe
Where did many slaves worked at during slavery? In farms or plantations
Where did slaves go to escape slavery by their owners? The Northern Free States
Who were against slavery and accepted any risk to free slaves? Abolitionists
What happened to many free African people of the Northern states that was caused by Southern bounty hunters? They were tricked and kidnapped and bought to the south to be slaves.
Who was the “Conductor” that helped young, old, kidnapped, or bonded slaves to escape to the Northern colonies to be free? Harriet Tubman
What organization did Harriet Tubman worked for to free slaves to the Northern colonies? The Underground Railroad
What was the "War" named that was between the British and the French armies in North America? The French and Indian War
In which side did the Iroquois natives sided with against the British soldiers? The French Soldiers
Even doe the French lost to the English soldiers in the French and Indian War, what did King George III did that blocked colonists from entering the Appalachian Mountains for settlement? The Proclamation of 1763
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