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territory an area, region, or piece of land
demarcaded On earths surface and you can see it. Can be bordered by a wall or fence, etc
People/Population Number of people varies and it MAY or may NOT be diverse.
What is the effect of assured protection? (police, military etc.) We repay by paying taxes. $
Territory must be... Defined
Territory may be... Demarkated or Defended
sovereignty Freedom from outside control. You make your own rules, establish laws, and protect your territory and people
Government The institution through which a society makes and enforces its public policies and provides for common needs.
The job of the government is... Make policies, provide for its people, keep everything in order, protects from outside threats, provides services
limited government Where the government has limited power. They do NOT control ALL parts of society.
unlimited government Where the government is NOT LIMITED in its power. It can do what it wants. Has LOTS of control.
How do you classify a government? Structure, authority, who rules.
Structure A relationship between smaller units of central government.
Types of structure Unitary, confederation, federal
unitary The big government (central) decides everything and the small government has no say.
Federal The big and small government makes the rules and decides everything.
Confederation The small government makes the decisions.
Authority Who is ultimately/politically in charge.
Created by: MrsBirenbaum